5 Things We Learned About True LGBTQIA Allyship From Miss Lawrence & Mariah Moore

Actor and celebrity stylist Miss Lawrence and Activist Mariah Moore joined each other for a conversation centered around self love, the LGBTQ community and allyship during the Beauty Carnival experience at the 2021 ESSENCE Festival of Culture.

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Miss Lawrence began the conversation with a powerful statement, recalling the teachings of his mother. Miss Lawrence shared that he was taught to never be a liar and that allowed him to never lie about who he was. “I always knew that regardless of what anybody thinks, family or the outside world, I knew that the Almighty had my back and I walked with that armor through life.”

The two got real about their journeys of self love and acceptance in their environment and community. Check out the lessons they shared below and watch the video above to hear the full conversation.

Before wrapping, Miss Lawrence shared the message that the community is stronger when everyone comes together and no one is left behind.

“We are so much stronger together. Nobody knows what love, heartache and pain is better than Black people , so we have to be very conscious and careful to make sure we don’t inflict that on each other by not raising conversations and having conversations with one another. “

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