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EVER found yourself stuck staring at the confectionary aisle for a while unimpressed? Well, it's time to refresh your snack game.

The best snack subscription services deliver amazing concoctions of goodies straight to your door.

Healthy options have proven popular over the past few years, with Graze boxes leading the way for uniquely nutritious snacks.

If you're not fussed about health-conscious goods but want something interesting, then there are tons of services which deliver foreign snacks too.

Thanks to certain plans, you don't have to go to Japan to try out Himemaru Rice Crackers or to Australia to try Tim Tams.

Time to shop the best snack subscription services around.

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We tried: Sugar Sin

  • Subscribe to Sugar Sin here

If you never grew out of your childhood pick 'n' mix days, then Sugar Sin will be right up your alley.

Sold as "happiness on your doorstep", their sweet-filled boxes start from just £18.

You get to even choose which sweeties to have in each box, ideal for catering to your own taste or that special person you're sending them to.

The sweets are delicious, I especially enjoyed the chocolate ones and the other pouches were filled with quality, old fashioned-style sweets.

For the amount that you receive for the price, it's a little pricey but you're paying for the gorgeous box, wrapping and the pick-me-up when the postman arrives. We're into it.

Universal Yums

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The clue's in the name: Universal Yums is a mix of delicious finds from all over the world.

You'll find 10 to 12 snacks in each box, complete with a 16-page guidebook with trivia and games. So much fun for the family!

Although free shipping only applies in the US, Universal Yums does deliver to the UK, so don't miss out.


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  • Subscribe to Graze here

You might recognise Graze from the shelves of well-known supermarkets because this one's the most established around.

The brand's 100 per cent veggie snacks are nutritious and yummy, with half of them only 150 calories or less.

You can stock up on your favourites, choose from over 200 choices, and have it delivered to your home or work. Easy.


  • Subscribe to Nutribox here

After some healthy quality snacks? The Nutribox is one of the best around.

Everything is 100 percent vegan and gluten-free, saving you time on searching through your shops for what you need.

Choose from a box of 10, 20 or 40 snacks, and receive 10 percent off your first order with code: NO1SNACK.

Healthy Nibbles

  • Subscribe to Healthy Nibbles here

If the offices of Lacoste, BBC and Network Rail all love Healthy Nibbles then we're definitely ready to try it out.

Whether you fancy vegan or protein, you can select a snack box that tickles your fancy and have one delivered every week, fortnight or month.

When you subscribe you receive 10 per cent off each box with free delivery.

Treat Trunk

  • Subscribe to Treat Trunk here

Each month, the Treat Trunk differs but it's always filled with nutritious goodness.

From protein balls to Nakd bars, these are snacks that you won't feel guilty about wolfing down throughout the day to stay energised.

The smallest package is £19.99 per month and the 20-25 trunk is just £35.99.


  • Subscribe to Snack'd

Available in mini, classic or premium iterations, Snack'D boxes are for those who want to try out some tasty foreign treats.

Each month, you'll receive snacks from a select country and it's a complete surprise each time.

Prices start from £15.49 which is great value for money in comparison to others on the market.

The Dandy Snack Club

  • Subscribe to The Dandy Snack Club here

Whether you're after something all-American, vegan, gluten-free or a variety, the Dandy Snack Club has it all.

From just £9.50 per month, this box packed with household brands and supports a charity with every purchase.

Expect goodies from brands including Candy Kittens, Proper Corn, Nakd, and Hershey's. Yum.

Snack Surprise

  • Subscribe to Snack Surprise here

Another multicultural favourite, Snack Surprise delivers foreign foods to your door every month.

Filled with sweets, biscuits, chocolates, crisps and more, this box gives you between 10 and 20+ snacks depending on your chosen deal.

Plus, with every box, the brand donates a proportion of profits to a cancer charity.

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