Adil Ray blasts Bushra Shaikh in quarantine row on GMB


Adil Ray brands Apprentice star Bushra Shaikh ‘irresponsible and selfish’ for claiming ‘grown ups’ should not have to quarantine after visiting Amber List countries and saying that the ‘rules are open to interpretation’

  • Bushra Shaikh said she won’t quarantine after visiting amber countries on GMB
  • Presenter Adil Ray lashed out, saying it was ‘incredibly dangerous’ and selfish
  • Bushra said people couldn’t be ‘imprisoned’ any longer and needed to travel
  • Dr Rachel Clarke, from Oxfordshire, said was ‘appalled’ by Bushra’s comments 

Adil Ray blasted Apprentice Star Bushra Shaikh during a debate on travelling to countries on the Amber List.

Adil was hosting this morning’s Good Morning Britain with Charlotte Hawkins, the presenter chaired a debate between Shaikh, who resides in Surrey, and palliative care Dr Rachel Clarke, from Oxforshire.

Shaikh argued that ‘grown-ups’ should be able to avoid quarantine if they are responsible and test regularly, as she insisted ‘rules means different things to different people’.

Shocked by her comments, Adil lashed out and said her ideas were ‘incredibly  dangerous, selfish and irresponsible’.

Meanwhile, Dr Clarke said she was ‘appalled’ at Shaikh’s declaration and compared travelling without quarantining to ‘drink driving.’ 

GMB presenter Adil Ray, pictured blasted guest Bushra Shaikh after she said she woukdn’t be quarantining after travelling to an amber list country this summer

Shaikh, a former Apprentice Star, said ‘rules meant different things to different people,’ and that people couldn’t be ‘imprisoned’

Viewers agreed with Adil anf thanked him for shutting doen Shaikh’s ‘nonsense’ during the show

‘What I’m saying is that as parents, as grown up, we all have responsibility, and rules may not look the same for everyone,’ Shaikh said. 

‘Although we’re supposed to quarantine for ten days, I could do a Covid test every day, I could do certain things to make sure my family and I are not putting anyone at risk when we come back from holiday,’ she continued. 

Her comments shocked Adil, who said ‘the rules are the same for everyone.’ 

‘I don’t understand that, “the rules can be different.” I mean, the rules are in English. It’s the same rules for everybody,’ he said. 

Dr Rachel Clarke, pictured bottom left, said she was ‘shocked’ and ;dismayed’ by Shaikh’s comments 

‘It’s very, very clear, how can you interpret that? If we all go interpreting rules differently then we’d get nowhere. We can all just do whatever we want if we just think “I think I’m being safe”.’

Shaikh argued that the Amber list system doesn’t make sense, and that if the government don’t want people to travel to Amber List countries, they should be put on the red list.  

‘You got to make things easy for people, right now, if you’re saying you have amber countries and you have to quarantine, what you’re actually saying is, “That country is not too bad”. So if you are going to set certain rules out, make them clearer,’ she said.

Dr Rachel Clarke compared travelling to an Amber List country without quarantining to ‘drink driving’

‘That is incredibly dangerous, that means we could have people who come back who don’t take the test properly or don’t actually quarantine and could spread the virus,’ Adil said. 

‘People are just saying “I need to go on holiday, this is way too much”. We can make it safe for everyone,’ Shaikh insisted, adding: ‘We can’t imprison people any longer.’

Dr Rachel Clarke said she was ‘shocked’ and ‘appalled’ by Shaikh’s comments. 

‘I’m so shocked and dismayed to hear someone say that they’re perfectly willing to go to an amber country and not quarantine as we’re legally bound to do,’ she said. 

‘I find that incredibly and spectacularly selfish and irresponsible,’ she added. 

‘Quarantine rules are there for a reason, in the precisely the same way that drink driving rules are there for a reason.

People called out Shaikh for her comment and said people like her were the reason the UK couldn’t shake the coronavirus pandemic 

‘Anybody who said on live television, “You know what, those rules those rules are there but I’m going to get drunk and drive because I have my own way of ensuring that I don’t kill people on the road through my freedom to get drunk and drive”, we’d all be appalled at that person, because they’d be behaving incredibly selfishly and I believe it’s exactly the same. 

‘The rules are there to keep everybody safe,’ she added, ‘Bushra might like to go on holiday and I’d love to as well. But if the net result of her going on holiday and not quarantining is that people die because she comes back and causes an outbreak, that’s absolutely dreadful.’

Dr Clarke reminded viewers the NHS was still facing a backlog of activity because of covid, and that A&E waiting time is as long as seven hours.   

Adil agreed with Dr Clarke and said: ‘Bushra, your selfishness could cause people to die,’ but the Apprentice star brushed the comment off, saying: ‘Oh, get over, it’s not selfishness, it’s been going on for two years.’

‘You’re saying “be responsible” but you’re being totally irresponsible, You’re saying, “go to countries with high infection rates and come back do as you choose”,’ Adil continued.

‘There could be nothing more irresponsible than that. You heard from a doctor, you’re not a professional doctor and neither am I, but they are telling us that A&E are up against it, hospitals are up against it, why wouldn’t we try to help them?’ he said.

‘Using the example of drink driving, to me, is just completely ridiculous, it’s not the same thing,’ Bushra said, adding she was speaking for people who ‘understand’ they needed to go on holiday. 

‘Bushra, just to remind you, 127,000 people lost their lives, it is as serious as drink driving, it’s a major pandemic we’re talking about, it’s not a mere little illness. 

‘This affect every single one of us, some of us have lost close ones, during his pandemic and we owe it to the and other people  around us to be responsible, 

You couldn’t stay at home for 10 days after spending two weeks in the Dubai sunshine, you couldn’t do that to save one life?

Bushra said she felt she contributed to protecting the NHS in the past year and had saved ‘lots of lives.’  

Viewers agreed with Adil and criticised Shaikh’s ‘selfish’ behaviour.  

‘Bravo Adil Ray for taking one of your guests nonsense down for not needing to self isolate going to amber zones on the travel list. She’s the ignorance and selfishness some people think, so thanks for that #GMB well done,’ one wrote. 

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