Aldi's Halloween food includes trick or treat wings and "spider" bites – with prices starting from £1.79

HALLOWEEN festivities are kicking off and there's a tasty line-up of food at Aldi to get you into the spirit.

The supermarket's Halloween 2020 menu includes wings that will give you a trick or a treat and chicken bites in spooky spider shapes.

This year Halloween might be feeling a little different with coronavirus lockdowns in place across many parts of the country.

So make sure you check you local guidelines for any ghoulish get togethers.

Trick or treat wings

  • £3.49 (1.7kg)

A lot of people like wings and for Halloween they come with a twist.

Aldi has thrown together half BBQ flavour and half super spicy flavoured drumsticks so depending on how you feel about spicy foods, you'llend up with either a trick or treat when tucking in.

Plain chicken wings which you could then season yourself as spicy or BBQ flavour (or both) can be found in Aldi for £1.49 per kilo and could work out cheaper if you have the ingredients for flavours already.

Spooky spider shapes

  • £1.79 (350g)

You might have second thoughts before biting into one of these chicken nuggets – they're shaped like spiders.

The breaded bites come in a pack of five.

These nuggets are well priced compared to Aldi's fresh chicken fillets which cost £1.96 for 305g but you can also get a 450g bag of 30 frozen chicken nugget for £1.19.

Mummy hot dogs

  • £2.19 (335g)

Aldi's Halloween themed hot dogs look like mummies.

The sausages come wrapped in crispy pastry that looks like bandages giving them an uncanny resemblance to the Egyptian undead.

Marks and Spencer's take on Halloween themed sausages is the toffee apple banger and a mummy meatloaf which looks like a giant sausage roll.

There are online recipes for making these Aldi mummies with sausagesor frankfurters wrapped in ready-made or home-made pastry and this could work out cheaper as well as providing a fun activity for older kids.

Alternatively, Iceland has a bag of 80 frozen sausage rolls (1.12kg) for £2.

Chilli cheese cauldron

  • £2.99 (200g)

It's not a party without dip and Aldi has a wicked looking red Leicester and chilli one.

It's perfect with tortilla chips or veg sticks, but you'll have to buy these separately.

This Aldidish boasts thick melted cheese, but you can get a chilli and cheese flavoured dip for £1.09 for 200g from Morrisons.

Bat gingerbread

  • £1.99

This spooky set comes with a bat-shaped gingerbread cutter, ingredients for making 14 gingerbread biscuits and sweet treats to decorate them too.

Cookie cutters alone cost a couple of pounds and you can keep this one to use again each Halloween.

We couldn't find any other supermarkets selling Halloween baking sets online but it's worth checking in local stores what's available.

Marks and Spencer's new Halloween 2020 range includes a "Frankencolin" the Caterpillar cake.

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