Being Baileys drunk is a real thing and theres a scientific reason behind it

We all indulge a little at Christmas whether your vice is extra pigs-in-blankets, too much chocolate or a delicious tipple.

But, those who only crack open the Irish cream in December will know well the giddy feeling you get after a Baileys hot chocolate or iced, creamy serving.

And, it feels a bit different to the usual merriness from alcohol…

Well, if you get that feeling then you’re in fact “Baileys drunk”, reports Tyla.

And, it’s a very different beast from being wine drunk or trollied from vodka.

According to Helena Nicklin – an expert on alcohol, award-winning wine and spirits writer, and presenter on The Three Drinkers series by Amazon – there is a scientific reason why cream liqueurs make you tipsy in a different way.

She explained: “There are tonnes of myths surrounding types of 'drunk' and what type of drink gives the worst hangover, but really, it's all about the per cent ABV and the speed in which the drink is consumed.

"Certain mixers and how much we've eaten will affect the speed of alcohol absorption, which is why drinks that combine a heavy calorie load like Baileys will soften the blow of the alcohol so you notice it less and feel soft and fuzzy rather than jittery."

Plus, the sweet tipple is particularly drinkable meaning it’s easy to drink more than you planned.

Irish cream is simply a mix of cream, sugar and Irish whiskey meaning that it’s easy to forget that it’s around 17% ABV – that’s 3.5% more alcoholic than your average wine.

Helena added: “The combination of cream filling the stomach and the alcohol buzz is so comforting, it keeps you reaching for the bottle and you may not bother eating real food.

"A delicious, but dangerous mix."

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Mind you, straight spirits like whiskey will get you drunk more quickly than other alcoholic beverages which is why you sometimes feel fine, but quickly turn wobbly when you stand up after your Baileys.

Wine isn’t much far behind spirits as the sugar in the booze pushes it along your bloodstream.

Helena noted: "And caffeine mixers? Well, they negate the depressive element of the booze so they'll send you spinning to the dance floor and right back up to the bar.

"At the end of the day, the common denominator here is alcohol and the way it affects you personally.

"You can manage its effect on you based on the speed you drink it, what you mix it with and whether you've had any dinner.”

If you’re struggling with your alcohol intake visit for extra resources or contact your GP for advice.

The NHS recommends no more than 14 units of alcohol per week – that’s around 17 50ml servings of Baileys spread across the week.

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