Berlin Generation Prizes Announced: ‘The Fam’ Wins 14plus Grand Prix

“The Fam” (“La Mif”), Swiss filmmaker Fred Baillif’s bruising, raw portrait of the residents and staff of a Geneva, Switzerland, teen girl care home, has won the Berlinale’s Generation 14plus Grand Prix 

“Like a rushing, energetic, pulsing heartbeat, this film pushes its characters and viewers in brutal honesty through different stories and incidents. Carried by captivating and strong acting performances, it never loses its balance between power and vulnerability. The film pulls you in, never lets go and hits straight to the heart,” the jurors said in their praise of the pic.

“The Fam,” which features remarkable performances for non-pro actors, is produced by the director’s own outfit, Freshprod, and RTS, the Swiss French-language public television. It is sold by Latido Films.

A Special Mention in the category Feature Film Generation 14plus went to U.S. director Dash Shaw’s animated fantasy  “Cryptozoo,” which premiered at Sundance.

In the lower-age Generation Kplus section the Grand Prix winner was “Summer Blur” (Han Nan Xia Ri) by Chinese director Han Shuai about a 13-year-old named Guo dreams of breaking away from her loveless home after she is sent to live with her Aunt in Wuhan while her recently re-married mother builds a new home in Shanghai.

“This film convinces with its energetic, strong visual power and its outstanding combination of all levels of filmmaking,” the jurors said “Thereby it creates a summer fairy tale that dances on the edge of a nightmare. In every second, one could sense the heat, the thick air and the pressure that is on the main character,” they added

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