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AUDIOPHILES may be able to cope with acceptable sound quality while listening to music on their phone or watching a show on the laptop while out and about, but in the comfort of the home, the sound has to rule.

It doesn’t have to be a 7.1-channel surround system that turns the walls into sound machines, the speakers just have to be loud, deeply rich and clear. Looking good is always a bonus.

That means the most expensive options won't necessarily be the best speakers for you. If you're planning to listen to music, a pair of top quality stand mounts should do the trick.

If on the other hand, you’re a gamer or a movie buff with your mindset on blowing the roof off, floor-standing speakers with multiple drivers are in order.

  • For under £100, these Bluetooth speakers are great value

Before splashing out on a pair of top-quality speakers, do consider things like space (ominous towers in a small room may well give the opposite effect of clarity), and positioning (are they going in cabinets, do you plan to mount them on the wall?)

Whatever your needs, we’ve found find you the best home speakers to help you bring the house down.

1. Best home surround sound system


  • KEF T305 Speaker System, £1499 at HiFix – buy here

The problem of chunky speakers dominating the living room is resolved thanks to these slimline surround speakers.

At just 1.4 inches deep, they can stand or be wall-mounted to look like a matching extension of your flatscreen TV.

Despite being super-slim, the KEF T301 speakers sound rich and full-bodied, supported by the same discreet subwoofer and two ultra-low profile midrange units matched to a high performance, aluminium tweeter.

Perfect for large rooms, where the immersive ‘wall of sound’ effect can be best created.

2. Best bookshelf speakers

  • B&W 607, £399 at Simply Sound and Vision – buy here

Standing at Just 30cm tall, the B&W 607 may not look like it packs much of a punch, but it's detailed sound and extraordinary depth of bass are what makes it regularly top the best stereo speakers lists and best budget speaker rundowns in trade publications.

Clean in design, this pair of bookshelf/desktop beauties is ideal for those short on space but crave layered, size-defying sound.

3. Best floorstanding home speaker

  • SVS Ultra Tower Speakers, £2,199 at HiFix – buy here

Looking like something straight out of a sci-fi movie, the SVS Ultra is big in both size and sound level.

The dual opposing 8-inch woofers mean you won’t need to invest in extra subwoofers, and yet the result is still somehow delicate – voices are warm, whispers clear and aggressive action scenes free from that tinny screech or hollow boom.

Combining the dynamics of a home theatre system with the ambience of an audiophile system, these speakers command the room with their deep, articulate bass, and jaw-dropping presence through size and design.

4. Best wireless home speaker

  • Sonos One (Gen 2), £199 at Argos – buy here

There are few things cooler than telling your smart speaker to play a song without having to get up.

Completely hands-free and controlled through Alexa, the Sonos One manages all your streaming devices, stored music, podcasts and radio all in one place.

The sound is surprisingly rich and bass deep for such a compact speaker, and can wirelessly connect to Sonos speakers in additional rooms, allowing you to turn your entire house into a voice-controlled home sound system.

5. Best in-wall home speaker

  • Polk Audio RC65i, £169, at Ceiling Speaker World – buy here

Measuring at just 11×7 9/16-inch with a 2 1/2-inch total depth, the compact Polk RC55i in-wall speaker can fit on any wall or ceiling, utilising the “virtual enclosure” to enhance their bass response and smooth low frequency to blend with the midrange.

Encased in rustproof stainless steel, the lightweight and stiff blue polymer cones deliver great damping and bass response, while the durable rubber surrounds suppress unwanted cone resonances.

The speakers have paintable grilles, which means they can practically become invisible in any room.

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