Best Zero Waste Gifts 2020 | The Sun UK

ZERO WASTE gifting is a trend that's here to stay as we all try to do our part to help preserve the planet.

The zero waste philosophy is about thoughtful consumption, encouraging us to stop buying disposable items we won't use for very long.

It's also about embracing reusable items, from makeup wipes to beeswax wraps for food (no more Clingfilm for us, thanks very much).

Some of these everyday household items – zero waste water bottles, beeswax wraps – are considered highly coveted gifts which come in gorgeous prints and designs (we're looking at you, crystal-infused water bottle).

Zero waste gifts are also about a shift away from plastic, to natural materials that can be easily upcycled (or that biodegrade) when they do run their course.

Bamboo is a popular one: from cutlery to toothbrushes, bamboo items are a gorgeous, green gift for anyone you know.

These sustainable, zero waste gifts aren't just for your loved ones, however – be sure to pick them up for yourself, too. After all, switching to reusable, zero waste swaps might lead to more change in your purse.

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