Bev Turner calls Boris Johnson and Carrie Symond's wedding 'crass'

Presenter Beverley Turner brands Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds ‘crass and insensitive’ for tying the knot when ‘so many couples’ are waiting to find out if their June weddings can go ahead

  • Beverley Turner called Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds’s wedding ‘crass’ 
  • Said the timing was ‘awful’ and ‘insensitive’ while many people can’t get married
  • She mocked Carrie’s flower crown and made lewd comments about PM’s sex life

Beverley Turner criticised PM Boris Johnson’s wedding to Carrie Symonds on This Morning, 

The TV personality was on the show’s This Morning Views segment with Matthew Wright where she discussed the weekend’s news with hosts Alison Hamond and Dermot O’Leary. 

She said the Prime Minister, who tied the knot with his girlfriend in a secret ceremony over the weekend was ‘crass’ and ‘insensitive.’

She asked whether the first couple were ‘trolling’ the public by having a wedding ceremony when many couples were waiting for the end of June to have their own nuptials. 

The wedding ceremony, held in Britain’s largest Catholic church Westminster Cathedral, was conducted by Father Daniel Humphreys, the acting head of the cathedral, who also baptised their son Wilfred there last autumn. 

Since May 17, weddings can take place in Covid-secure locations with up to 30 guests attending.  June 21 was initially touted as the date when all restrictions would  be lifted, but this hangs in the balance due to the Indian variant. 

She was blasted by viewers, who branded her comments ‘vile.’

The Prime Minister tied the knot with his girlfriend Carrie Symonds, both pictured, over the weekend

Viewers branded Bev ‘tacky’ and ‘unprofessional’ for putting the PM and his wife on blast and commenting on their sex life

‘I couldn’t care less. I did think “is he actually trolling us?,’ Beverly claimed. ‘There are so many brides-to-be who wanted to get married in the last 12 months who had to postpone their nuptials. 

‘There are people who want to get married on say 22 June – they’re not going to know until June 14 if their wedding can go ahead. Terrible timing, insensitive, crass, just awful.’

Matthew Wright, who was on This Morning Views with Bev, tempered his response. 

‘I have to say, I wish them well. Anybody who’s in love that ties the knot: they’re proud parents to Wilfred, I wish them well,’ he said. 

TV personality Beverley Turner, pictured, said she felt the Prime Minister’s secret wedding over the weekend was ‘crass’ and ‘insensitive’

‘But there are the sensitivities that Bev just alluded to, and there’s also the politics of it,’ he added. 

‘I think today is the day hundred of thousands of people are going hear they won’t get any more support for their rent, their property. 

‘He’s a jobbing politician, he’s not a royal,’ Matthew said, adding it was a shame the wedding was getting more coverage than political issues affecting thousands of people around the country. 

‘One might say it’s not accidental because all the front pages are all full of Carrie and her slightly oversized flower crown today,’ Bev said. 

‘Every time I see them, I think “She has to have sex with Boris Johnson” on a very trivial level, that turns my stomach on a more basic level.’

Bev, pictured centre, said she felt the timing of Boris Johnson’s wedding was ‘awful’ and admitted she was present at this Saturday’s so-called Freedom March

Viewers said Bev was a ‘vile’ person for her comments on Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds’ sex life 

‘I just think the timing is just appalling.’

When Alison asked Bev whether she thought Boris Johnson didn’t deserve to be happy in his private life, Bev responded:  ‘Everyone deserves to be happy in their private lives, I wouldn’t disagree with that. 

‘I just think, as Matthew said that today’s a huge day for the country. Bailliffs can go and sieze property again from today, houses can be repossessed, there are so many people – we’re not sure if people can go on holiday,’ she added. 

‘I was on the Freedom March on Saturday, I really wish I’d known it was happening because he could have had a million people there to congratulate him on his day.’

Matthew Wright said he felt Boris Johnson should have waited for the summer parliamentary recess to get married.   

Bev’s comments didn’t go down well with viewers, who blasted her for being ‘insensitive’ herself. 

‘Wow, I’m not a PM fan at all, but those comments by Bev about him and his partner were very tacky and unprofessional,’ one said. 

‘Blimey, this Bev woman doesn’t half come across as catty,’ another said. 

‘Bev ” crass insensitive awful” and that’s just you love,’ one wrote. 

‘Bev is a truly vile person, Boris Johnson’s wedding is his business and I’m happy for him and his wife. Her political bias is stopping her from rational thought. Horrid woman,’ another said.










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