Blind Date couple married 30 years reveal the secret to a happy marriage

GMB: Blind Date pair share secret to their 30 year marriage

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Originally running on Saturday nights on ITV, Blind Date was presented by British icon Cilla Black before Paul O’Grady took over in 2003. Cilla helped individuals find love by introducing one single person to three single people – but they couldn’t see one another. The one single would then ask the other three a few questions, before choosing one of them to go on a date with.

The show was a success, especially in its earlier years.

For one couple, appearing on the programme changed their lives.

Sue and Alex Tatham met on the show in 1988 and are still together, having just celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary.

The pair spoke to Susanna Reid and Richard Madeley on ITV’s Good Morning Britain today.

Richard told viewers that the couple found they were “very compatible straight away”.

This was both “in terms of height and in terms of your personalities”.

Sue agreed, saying that the height match was “a good start”.

She then went on to explain how both she and her husband knew their relationship was “going somewhere”, even though they lived in different parts of the country.

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Sue said: “Life went back to normal obviously after we’d done all the filming for the show, and I lived in the Midlands and Alex lived in London.

“So, it wasn’t an easy relationship geographically.

“He came and saw me for the weekend, and when he went home, I thought ‘hm I’m really sad’, and that’s when I thought ‘there’s something in there’.

“And we managed a weekend relationship and we got engaged and married.”

When Sue and Alex were on the show, Alex was the “picker” – the person who asked the all-important questions – while Sue was one of the three women who had to answer those questions and wait to see if she would be picked.

Alex explained to Susanna and Richard why he chose Sue, saying: “I did a sort of eeny meeny miny moe on my card.

“So, I actually was very fatalistic.”

However, more than 30 years later, Alex and Sue are still together thanks to “shared values”, according to the couple.

Alex said: “I think shared values are really important.

“I think that if you have similar values and you have a similar outlook on life, and you want the same things from life and you grow towards each other in a marriage, then that – if you make sure you focus on that – that’s a really important thing.”

Presenter Richard agreed, saying: “If you’re lucky – and it is luck isn’t it, it’s a lottery – you sort of grow roughly the same direction and you end up still reasonably close together.”

Alex added: “The more you practice the luckier you get.”

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