Bride trolled for wearing camouflage dress as people say its made out of tp

A bride has been trolled for a wearing camouflage wedding dress, with people saying it looks like it's been "made out of tp".

The dress emerged after a picture of the bride-to-be was posted on social media, which shows her wearing a very lavish dress – complete with camouflage print.

Even though she appeared quite happy with the frock, the very unique design has divided people greatly.

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A snap of the controversial dress was posted to online platform Reddit, with the caption: "I just can’t imagine having such a commitment to camouflage…"

While the main body of the dress is a traditional colour, the gown has strikes of camouflage going through it.

It was also complete with thick camouflage straps and a camouflage-lined train.

The bride-to-be looked far from what you'd expect, as it's not often you see such a pattern printed on a wedding dress.

In fact, many people said it was unlike anything they'd ever seen before.

It was claimed in the comments that it was bought on Amazon, and someone said that it "doesn't look any better from the front".

People deemed the dress "ugly" as they questioned how there was so much interest to sell such a product via the online retail platform.

One person even said there appeared to be a matching suit up for grabs, which left some users in stitches.

Commenting on the unusual frock, one person said: "That’s straight up hideous."

Another added: "To me it looks like a game that I've played at a bridal shower, where we made a wedding dress out of tp."

Meanwhile, a third had similar thoughts, commenting: "Omg! At first glance, I thought her boobs were exposed until I enlarged the pic to see it was a back view.

"Perhaps I need to new glasses. Or she needs the next size up camo/toilet paper dress."

A fourth also made their thoughts quite clear, simply saying: "I don't give a f**k whatever anyone wants to wear.

"You want camo? Get your camo on!

"But this dress is objectively hideous and amazingly unflattering."


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