Brielle Biermann Gives Jaw Surgery Update — and Why It Hasn't Affected Her Love Life (Exclusive)

The reality star underwent double jaw surgery in late August.

Brielle Biermann is getting real about her jaw surgery recovery.

While out at Il Pastaio in Los Angeles recently, the 24-year-old daughter of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kim Zolciak-Biermann offered an update on how she’s healing after she underwent double jaw surgery in late August.

Brielle spoke about what she’s now able to eat and shared whether or not the surgery has affected her love life.

When asked how her recovery is going while leaving the Beverly Hills Italian restaurant, the “Don’t Be Tardy” star said, “I’m still struggling to eat, but I’m doing alright.” Brielle said she enjoyed ravioli and meatballs at the restaurant, noting that it was “great.” Commenting on the meatballs specifically, she said, “That’s about all I can eat right now.”

As for whether she’s ahead of schedule when it comes to her recovery, Brielle said her doctors told her she’s doing “way better than they projected for any of their clients ever actually.”

The Bravo star added that she’s looking forward to Thanksgiving. “F— yeah. I want a steak. I want anything crunchy or chewy.”

Brielle said she’s unsure if she’ll be able to eat those types of foods before Turkey Day, but she said she “just tested it” at Il Pastaio by enjoying some crunchy bread. “So we’ll see,” Brielle added.

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Meanwhile, despite her surgery, it looks like Brielle’s love life hasn’t suffered. As for whether it’s affected her romantic life at all, she said, “No, I’m still single.”

When asked if she’s tried to kiss anyone and gotten hurt, Brielle remained tight-lipped, saying, “I don’t know. I don’t kiss and tell.”

In early September, the TV personality revealed on Instagram that she had undergone double jaw surgery two weeks prior. In her post, Brielle opened up about the procedure and shared several post-op photos as well as a couple of short clips.

She clarified that the operation was not for cosmetic purposes but to repair her “tmj & 9mm overjet overbite”.

“I sucked my thumb til i was 9 ishhh which made the roof of my mouth suuuuuper narrow and my excessive overbite cause my teeth to have no contact whatsoever,” Brielle explained, “have you ever thought about what it’s like to not be able to bite into pizza? or omg trying to bite into an onion on a burger? impossible for me. I had to use my tongue to help me chew and almost choked every time I ate.”

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Brielle also pointed out that her lisp was also a symptom of her extreme overbite. While she was “completely dreading the surgery fearing the worst of the worst,” she shared that her vast support system of friends, family and doctors were helping her keep a positive mindset.

“I got thru the first two weeks, which are supposed to be the hardest, easy breezy!” she continued, “I already feel more aligned and can breathe way better, especially at night when I would snore and have to breathe thru my mouth.”

Brielle also told fans that she had to get braces for the operation and tried to hide them to the best of her ability because, “honestly, who at 24 years old wants to look like they did in middle school again?”

She went on to share at the time that she had been eating via syringe, but had moved on to “baby spoons and soups or smoothes thru a cup.”

Speaking with TMZ while at LAX earlier this month, Brielle revealed she had lost 15 pounds as a result of her restricted diet.

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