British bus leaves passengers laughing as they find out its pun-derful name

Public transport is not the most exciting thing Britain boasts – but this one bus may be about to change that.

Buses usually do not have names, they are typically known by numbers for their certain routes.

But this Megabus operating in Manchester through to Heathrow has an actual name.

The vehicle has been named ‘Bussy the Vampire Slayer’ after the supernatural hit Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Taking to Reddit to post a snap of the bus, the original poster joked: “Place your bets. Was this the result of a public vote?”

In the attached snap, the blue bus in question can be seen boasting it’s pun-derful name in white writing above the number plate.

However, Bussy the Vampire Slayer is not unique in its moniker.

Coach company Megabus has a whole list of buses with their own names.

According to their website, Megabus has 46 named buses that can be spotted around the country.

Nicknames for the public transport vehicles include: ‘I am Spartabus’, ‘Basil Bus’ and ‘David Attenbus'.

Hilariously one Megabus is even named after royal duo Megan and Harry, with the bus being called ‘Mega ‘n’ Harry.’

Tickled by the bus puns, people fled to the comments to share some other vehicles with unusual names.

One person commented: “Our bin lorry came by yesterday & was called greta binberg lol."

Another user added: “We have a glass collecting lorry called jar jar clinks.”

A third person joked: “Didn’t know there were so many vampires in the UK that you needed a bus to take them out!!!!”

Many others felt envious of the British bus puns.

One person admitted: “I'm from Brazil, we have a lot of weird s*** here, but I wish we had those things…”

Meanwhile, another user expressed: “You guys are allowed to name your buses in the UK? I love this. Bus a move. Bus a load. Gary Bussy.”

"Every bus should have a name.”

Let us know in the comments if you can think of any more bus puns!

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