Brits howling at savage notes left on car with faulty alarm that sum up the UK

A Reddit user gave Brits a giggle this week with a viral post that “summed up the UK”.

Sharing a snap in the Reddit forum CasualUK, they showed a car’s windshield with three notes attached.

And, the varying approaches of the note writers to the owner of the car were hilarious.

It seemed the neighbours had been really miffed with a faulty car alarm constantly sounding off.

One note was on an A4 sheet of paper with printed lettering and stuck to the glass using tape.

It read: “Hello, please can you repair the faulty alarm on your vehicle. It’s been going off the whole night and must have kept a lot of people awake.

“It certainly kept me awake and now I’m sleep deprived and angry.”

The note continued: “It’s lucky I’m mature enough to understand that you are probably not aware of the audio pornography your was defecating into the clean air for the last ten hours, otherwise there’s a strong chance I would’ve kicked and punched this hunk of tin in revenge (and taken great pleasure in doing so.

“Thank you.”

Two other notes sat bellow the letter, one placed gently on the windshield wiper and the other shoved under it.

One note said: “Your alarm was going off all night and still is…

“Nobody is breaking into your s**t car.

“Turn the alarm off?”

While the third said, in block capitals: “This f***ing alarm has been on all f***ing night!”

The poster captioned the snap: “Summing up the UK, one image at a time.”

And, the snap quickly went viral with 4,713 likes.

In the comments, Brits giggled over the situation.

One person said: “I love that not one, but two people arrived at the car with their own notes to find one had already been left but were pissed off enough to leave their note anyway.”

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Another added: “Bonus points if they initially came without the tape only to find that the wiper had already been taken, then actively decided to go back home and fetch some to get their message across.”

A third said: “I'm 100% using "audio pornography" tomorrow at work when someone won't shut up.”

Someone else wrote: “My neighbours would have keyed it…”

What would you do in this situation? Tell us in the comments…

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