Celebrate National Rosé Day with the perfect wine and snack pairing

Get ready to rosé all day because June 12 is National Rosé Day!

National Rosé Day occurs once a year on the second Saturday of June and with the start of summer upon us it’s the perfect time for your favorite pink drink.

“If you enjoy it straight from the fridge, over ice, sparkling or even frosé, rosé appeals to the majority of wine drinkers. With a largely ‘feminine’ history, rosé has become so much more popular across the market, largely due to the wide varieties now available,” Beverage and Wine List Consultant Chris Jew told “Good Morning America.” “Whether you want bone dry rosé from the French Provence out of Chateau d’Esclans or sweet rosé out of California from the Beringer vineyards. It really is the perfect way to to bring in the summer.”

Check out our wine and snack pairings below so you can cheers your way to the best National Rosé Day.

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La Marca

La Marca Prosecco Rosé is the perfect pairing for a charcuterie board.

The Italian wine features notes of strawberry and works well with parmesan and prosciutto.


The Rosé Collection from Vinebox includes six wines from Southern France to Sicily.

Vinebox says these wines pair best with light snacks like creamy goat cheese crostini, smoked fish or feta-studded cold pasta dishes


Apothic Rosé offers crisp notes of strawberry, watermelon and raspberry. Enjoy the refreshing rosé with a salty and tangy goat cheese.


Avaline Sparkling Rosé is smooth and floral, which pairs perfectly with a fresh batch of summertime strawberries.

Usual Wines

Usual Wines offers a lightly sparkling rosé that goes best with warm weather snacks like salad, oysters and smoked salmon.

“Don’t be afraid of spice, either — pepper-jack cheese, spicy Calabrese salami and a handful of good ol’ Flamin’ Hot Cheetos makes the perfect Easy Charcuterie Board and pairs great with the soft fruit notes in the wine,” the brand says.


Crispy chicken wings and everything else at your summer barbecue pair perfectly with BABE’s light, refreshing and bubbly canned rosé.


Sonoma-Cutrer Rosé of Pinot Noir plays well with the savory flavor of mozzarella sticks and their tomato dipping sauce.

This wine also pairs great with shrimp quesadillas, ripe strawberries and truffle fries.

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