Cif launches new refill and reuse bottles that last FOREVER in bid to cut down on plastic waste

HOUSEHOLD cleaning giant Cif has created a brand new re-fillable cleaning spray that lasts forever.

The innovative ecorefill will remove 1.5 million plastic bottles from UK supermarkets, saving space, money and the environment.

The refill bottle allows shoppers to buy a concentrated cleaner which they use to refill an old bottle using tap water.

You'll use much less plastic when buying the refill bottle and because you can dilute the product at home it makes them far more environmentally friendly.

But it's still work in progress, as at the moment the reusable bottles are 75 per cent recyclable but Cif hopes to make them 100 per cent by 2020.

At the moment you can only get refills for bathoom and kitchen power and shine sprays but they plan to roll out to other product.


Both products cost just £2.50, can be bought from today at Sainsbury's nationwide.

The ecorefills themselves will retail at less than the price of the currently available Cif spray bottles.

It will cost just 45p more than their existing refill bottle, which uses 50 per cent more plastic than the new refill bottles plan to.

Amazon, Ocado and Morrison's will stock the products from August onwards.

The products are similar to others on the market such as Splosh which allows customers to order full bottles and then get refills in the post.

Although, the range as a much higher price point – starting at £8.95 for a starter pack.

While environmentally friendly brand eCover also offers refill bottles for its products.

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