Cleaning influencer shows why you should wash your radiators

While you probably know to wipe down your kitchen surfaces and vacuum your floors, there’s always spots you don’t think about – and the dirt can build up.

One cleaning influencer gave the perfect example of why you should keep on top of cleaning your radiators.

@CleanwithAbbi posted on TikTok showing her radiator being washed – and the results are quite satisfying.

Removing the cover at the side and at the top, she revealed how they were covered in dust and grime, and there was loads inside the appliance as well.

As a lot of the radiator is hard to reach, she poured water through it, with a dish underneath to catch the water, as well as any dirt.

Omg so happy to finally get the radiator cover off look how dirty it was? #fyp #raditorclean #cleaningtiktok #cleaninghacks #cleanwithabbi

You should make sure your radiators are not turned on and are cold when you try this, and only do a section at a time to avoid lots of mess.

Some people in the comments said water might cause the radiator to rust so suggested using a hairdryer to blow the dirt out instead.

She then uses a sponge and brush to remove dust around the edges, before dropping water through again to flush out anything remaining.

Abbi also gives the sides and top she removed a good scrub before putting them back on.

She added the caption: ‘Omg so happy to finally get the radiator cover off, look how dirty it was.’

In the comments, she added that the house is about 15 years old and they’ve been renting it for about three years.

The whole process took her around an hour but she said it was totally worth it.

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