Cocker Spaniel looks like a Disney character thanks to her lashes

Puppy dog EYELASHES! Cocker Spaniel melts hearts by batting her long and luscious ‘Disney’ lashes that are completely natural

  • Caitlin Baker, 20, lives with Mabel, one-year-old Cocker Spaniel in Warwickshire
  • Mabel recently went viral after a video highlighting her long and natural lashes
  • Caitlin explained the lashes made Mabel look like a Disney animated character

This adorable dog has beautiful, long eyelashes that some women would kill for. 

Mabel, a one-year-old Cocker Spaniel, lives in Warwickshire with her owner Caitlin Baker, 20. 

Caitlin, who usually works as an eyelash technician, is currently out of work due to the coronavirus  pandemic and the present lockdown, and spends most of her time at home with Mabel. 

Thankfully for her, the Spaniel boasts an impressive pair of lashes of her own, which are completely natural, and have earned her 2.3 million likes on TikTok. 

The pooch charms anyone she meets with her luscious lashes, which make her look more doe-eyed than any Disney Princess. 

Mabel, a one-year-old Cocker Spaniel who lives in Warwickshire with her owner Caitlin Baker, 20, catches everyone’s attention thanks to her beautiful lashes 

Caitlin, who works as a lash technician, can’t get enough of her pooch’s beautiful eyes with generous lashes. 

Can dogs have naturally long eyelashes? 

Just like humans, dogs have eyelashes to protect their eyes. 

When they dig, play outside or explore the park, their lashes are there to prevent them from external objects or debris that could otherwise lodge themselves under their eyelids.

But unlike their ownners, a dog eyelashes are only found on their upper eyelid, not the lower part of the eye. 

Dogs’ lashes can be trimmed, but if they are no bother to the dog, they should be left alone to make sure their eyes receive the proper amount of protection. 

They will grow back if trimmed.  

Long-haired pooches, like Cocker Spaniels, are more likely to have long eyelashes than others. 

Other breeds known for their envious lashes are Maltese, Yorkshire Terriers, Lhasa Apsos, Shih Tzus and Poodles. 

The Guinness World Record holder for longest eyelashes as of 2014 is an Australian Labradoodle in Tokyo, Japan named Ranmaru, whose eyelash measured 17 centimetres. 


A video shows demure Mabel giving Caitlin’s camera innocent looks and batting her eye-lashes. 

Caitlin first laid eyes on Mabel a year ago and instantly fell in love with the adorable puppy. 

It was love at first sight for the lash technician and her partner when they first visited. 

Upon noticing Mabel’s pretty lashes, Caitlin said she fell in love with her even further.  

Nap time! Mabel gives her owner Caitlin a playful look as she unwinds on the bed after a long day of looking adorable 

Ready for my close up! Caitlin said she fell in love with Mabel the moment she saw her a year ago

Mabel’s lashes are so long, they can be admired from a distance, and give the Cocker a coy look

‘When we first saw her we fell in love with her and then noticed her lashes and instantly loved her even more,’ Caitlin said.  

 And while the owner could gaze into her pooch’s eyes all day, she is not the only one. 

Mabel catches the attention of everyone she meets thanks to her otherworldly lashes.  

‘People think she’s amazing and often say she looks like Cindy Lou who from The Grinch which is my favourite Christmas movie,’ Caitlin said 

Cindy Lou Who, who is the main female lead in the festive classic starring Jim Carrey, is known for her long, arches lashes. 

The character in the 2000 movie is played by Taylor Momsen. However, while the child actor had to be propped with lashes extension to achieve the look, Mabel’s own lashes are nothing but authentic.   

Gaze into my eyes! Caitlin is currently not working due to the coronavirus pandemic restrictions

Mabel, pictured rubbing her eyes, left and napping, right, is an adorable Cocker Spaniel from Warwickshire 

Mabel, pictured, was compared to Cindy Lou Who, the little girl from the Grinch played by Taylor Momsen, who has world-defying lashes 

One-year-old Chocolate Spaniel Mabel, left, showing off her amazing lashes next to the family’s other dog 

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