Couple who met at birth celebrate their ruby wedding anniversary

Russell Cook and Susan Worth first met at hospital as newborns – now they are celebrating their ruby wedding anniversary.

They were born hours apart at Willington Quay Maternity Hospital on 14 August, 1958, but weren’t in touch again until they were teenagers.

The 61-year-olds were brought together again when at 13, Susan and her family moved to a new house in Wallsend, Northumberland, and found that Russell and his family lived next door.

When their mums got talking, they discovered they had met before.

Shortly after, the youngsters instantly took a liking to each other and started dating.

At 21, they decided to get married and have spent 40 blissful years together.

Their family is now organising a massive party to celebrate the occasion.

Susan, who is due to retire from North Tyneside Council’s School Services at the end of this month, thinks they were ‘meant to be’.

She said: ‘It was a number of events that brought us together.

‘We are best mates, we are comfortable with each other, we like all the same things and love each other.

‘We instantly got on. We would walk to school together and walk back from school. We then started courting and would go to the discos. We’ve never looked back.’

The couple left school at 15 and got jobs within two weeks of each other. They then got engaged at 18 and married at 21 when they bought their first property.

Russell, a mechanical engineer at Siemens, said: ‘It is a series of coincidences that led us to each other but I’m glad they all happened.

‘I love her loads.’

The couple has two children, one grandson and another grandchild on the way.

Russell is a keen motorcyclist and Susan is an avid knitter and has an Instagram page called Nannysueknits18.

Son Steve added: ‘It really is an unbelievable story.’

Daughter Lisa said: ‘They are very happy, extremely loving and supportive parents and grandparents who go above and beyond for all of us.

‘They have helped us both achieve what we have so far in life by always supporting our choices, be they right or wrong, and that’s what makes them amazing for us.’

We wish Susan and Russell many more happy years together.

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