Crash witness says ‘low-life’ stole phone of woman helping casualties

The witness to a horror crash on the M5 says she saw a 'low-life' person steal a phone from a woman driver who had stopped to help casualties.

Sarah King and her family were driving back from Cornwall to their home in Bedfordshire on Monday, when they were caught up in the accident just before midday.

She described how they spotted a Range Rover towing a caravan had started to sway along the motorway, before flipping over in the middle of the northbound carriageway, reports Somerset Live.

As motorists nearby abandoned their cars and rushed to help those inside the overturned vehicle, Mrs King said one woman had her phone stolen.

She said: "A member of the public was comforting the passenger.

"She then placed her mobile phone on the floor and some low-life person stole it and amazingly left the scene.

"The person actually got out of a car, came over and stole the phone.

"The lady whose phone was stolen even asked if someone had seen her phone. They must have left the scene before the 999 teams arrived."

Mrs King said she was outraged by the alleged theft because of the selfless way so many people rushed to help those injured when the caravan flipped.

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