Curvy influencer goes naked to slam societys unrealistic expectations

An influencer has gone totally naked to protest against "society's unrealistic expectations of beauty".

Kate, known as @fullplatekate on Instagram, is known for her body positive posts.

And in her latest, she stripped off as she encouraged fans to embrace their curves.

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The blonde was seen sharing a four-grid snap of her naked body from behind as she flaunted her rear.

The words 'Be kinder to yourself' were written across the photo.

Captioning the image, Kate wrote: "BE KINDER TO YOURSELF.

"Your body is not the enemy and you don't need to harm yourself in an attempt to fit society's unrealistic expectations of beauty.

"You are an individual, and capable of so much. You CAN learn to let go of self hatred and feel acceptance and love for yourself. Start by being kinder to yourself."

She added: "Stop picking yourself apart on the mirror. Stop making degrading jokes about yourself. Put yourself first. Start believing in yourself.

"Trust yourself. Think/speak positive affirmations daily. Follow inspiring people who are authentic and genuine."

Many of the influencer's 15,600 followers were loving the post as the took to the comment section to praise her.

"Love this so much," exclaimed one, as another added: "YESSS. You beautiful human being."

Another branded her a "beautiful queen" while a third told her she had an "amazing body".

The post comes after Kate told followers just last week that her 'squidgy curves make her more beautiful'.

This lady certainly knows a thing or two about body confidence!


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