Dad-of-two takes wifes OnlyFans snaps and says its made us stronger

The husband of a model with 100,000 followers on Instagram helps her take the racy snaps she posts online.

Marie Dee is a mum-of-two and amateur YouTuber who launched an OnlyFans account earlier this year.

But, instead of hiding the side-hustle from her partner, she enlisted his help by hiring him as her personal photographer.

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And, while many people might feel uncomfortable about the thought of their other-half sharing intimate snaps with others, David was supportive.

He admitted he was the one who had suggested the OnlyFans page in the first place.

Speaking in a video on Marie’s YouTube channel, he said: “My role is I take the pictures, I help Katie [Marie] out with marketing.

“I just enjoy taking photos of Katie just for myself, and one day we thought, hey you could post this on Instagram for free, but why not make an OnlyFans and earn some money posting pictures that you would post for free otherwise?

“I love it, I think it’s fun, it allows us to be creative, and it has strengthened our relationship.”

Marie agreed, adding: “I agree, we are both starting a small business together, which is my OnlyFans, and we’re both entrepreneurs for that.

“And I feel like we’re really in that era of raising capital for our goals and building wealth for our kids, and we always have a lot of fun at the shoots, and it’s really good for our romantic life too.”

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In fact, despite already working full-time in the family business, the pair revealed that the decision to enter the adult industry had been hugely beneficial for their finances.

“She has tripled our monthly income in one month,” David said. “Which is awesome, and we’re just putting it aside to invest in real estate.

Part of the key to their success, Marie claimed, has been the couple’s open attitude with family and friends.

And, during the video, Marie sat down with her mum and dad, who also offered their support for the pair’s unusual initiative.

“I think it’s wonderful, to be honest with you,” her dad said.

“For me, anyone that is offended by this… it’s just sad that people are perverting human sexuality into something that’s negative when it’s as natural as breathing.”


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