Disgusting video shows just how dirty your clean-looking car seats really are

A woman was left disgusted when she cleaned out "10 years of filth" from her apparently clean car seats using a carpet cleaner.

Video circulating on a popular Australian cleaning Facebook group shows the user showing how to clean the backseat of her car with a Bissell "Proheat Revolution" carpet cleaner.

The dark-coloured seats look clean with no visible stains and marks on the cushion at first sight and she decides to have a swipe through it.

As she hovers the nozzle over the seat, a stream of brown murky water is extracted and passed onto the machine.

She moves around to other areas on the seat and more dirt water comes out from beneath the cushion.

In the caption, she wrote: "B****y disgusting! This is just a general clean, there wasn't anything spilt or any really visible stains – just 10 years of filth."

Viewers were shocked by the horrifying amount of grime embedded in the fabric but some found it "satisfying" to watch.

"I've just finished my house, rugs and car and was disgusted with the dirt it pulled out. I thought I was a clean person until then!" one said.

Another wrote: "Oh dear … but so very satisfying!"

A third added: "Disgusting, but awesome!"

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