Don’t Make This Mistake When Getting a Bob Haircut

The first time I cut all of my hair off into a bob, I wasn't shocked by my new short length. What took some getting used to was how the ends of my bob would flip out no matter what product I used to prep it, the brush I used to blow dry it, or if I flat-ironed it. 

While, like many early 2000s-era trends, flippy ends have recently experienced a resurgence. But while I like the retro hairstyle on Margot Robbie, it wasn't the look I was going for when I decided to just go for it and do a big chop. 

However, there is an easy fix. Jonathan Colombini, L’Oréal Paris celebrity hairstylist, tells me tweaking the cut will keep the ends from flipping out. "If there is any kind of weight line on the ends, the hair always wants to naturally flip out. Even running a flat iron through it will still have a bulky result with that weight line," he explains. "To prevent this from happening, ask your hairstylist for an undercut. This allows the hair coming from the nap to go from shorter to longer, which will give a more shattered and lived in look." 

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He says another common mistake is thinking that the bob has to be all one length. While a blunt bob may look uniform, there needs to be interior layers in it to further prevent weigh, and thus, flippy ends. "Weight distribution is key with bobs," he explains. "It really doesn’t matter what approach you take for styling. If the cut isn’t correct, it will make for a complicated at-home styling!" 

Ok, so I didn't have this intel the first time I got a bob. Now that I do know what to ask for, I'm sharing this advice to save everyone else from going back to the salon for a touch up. You're welcome. 

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