Dr Pimple Popper yanks something that is ‘not an earring’ out of earlobe

Dr Pimple Popper treated her fans to a close-up of one of her handiwork and left some viewers gagging in a recent video.

The dermatologist, real name Dr Sandra Lee, was digging around at a brown lump in an earlobe when she revealed: "This is not an earring."

In the clip, uploaded on her official @drpimplepopper TikTok on Wednesday (June 16) the surgeon shows the round lump that looks like a stud in a piercing.

But it turns out the lump is something else entirely and Dr Lee is soon pushing it out with the help of her shiny comedone extractor.

The mass oozes out bit by bit and comes out whole so the surgeon can hold it up to the camera.

She joked it was a "pimple stud" in the on-screen caption and the video has since been watched just under three million times, with people reacting very differently.

One viewer commented: "Well I am not hungry anymore."

"You have a strong stomach," commented another person who sounded a bit sickened by the footage.

A third person quipped: "What do you mean not an earring, it's nature's free earring."

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"That looks like a black diamond," teased another.

Someone else joked the fleshly lump was a "chocolate sprinkle" and made other viewers gag.

The big lump appeared to be a dilated pore of Winer which is not harmful but can sometimes resemble skin cancer, which is why it's good to get a dermatologist to check it out.

Resembling a supersized blackhead, they occur when a pore becomes enlarged and are common on the face and neck but also do appear on earlobes, as in this case.

They should not be painful but some people find them embarrassing and opt to have them removed.

Dr Lee recently had a similar case when she pulled out a "giant blackhead" people thought was a mole.

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