Experts simple household changes can cut energy bills by 75% – like air frying

Most people are trying to save on their energy bills at the moment seeing as prices are soaring.

And luckily for you, experts from Aluminium Windows and Doors have shared their top tips on how to keep bills down with home improvements.

And there's one tip in particular which can save you uptown 75% on energy bills, according to the firm – switching to an oven to an air fryer.

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Talking about how you can save so much, the experts said: "Cooking energy consumption depends on the appliance, food and functions selected. Large ovens may use more energy to reach temperature and lose more energy when opened during cooking.

"Air fryers are ideal for cooking smaller meals however sizes vary and you can purchase double air fryers for bigger meals."

They added: "Plug-in meters can measure energy consumption, and smart meters can estimate oven energy use."

"You can save up to 75% on energy bills with certain air fryers."

And that's not the only tip the company recommends.

They all suggest switching to a water-efficient showered (also known as an eco-shower head). These aerate the flow of water through the shower, which means you can use less water while still enjoying a similar shower experience.

Others tops include insulating walls, floors and roof, reconsider your window glazing choice, switching to energy efficient lighting and installing a smart thermostat in your home.

Their last suggestion was to replace your boiler with a heat pump.

They said: "Heat pumps are significantly more efficient than traditional boilers and use cleaner electricity, therefore reducing your home’s carbon footprint.

"A heat pump takes heat at a low temperature from the air or ground, increases that heat to a higher temperature and transfers it into your home to provide heating and hot water."

So, what are you waiting for? Get cracking on these solutions to help reduce your energy bill today.


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