Foodies buttery steak recipe chefs dont want you to know has viewers fuming

A woman has left viewers disgusted when she shared a "restaurant hack" to cook steak – using four butter sticks.

Tammy Louise, from the US, claimed it is a recipe that steak restaurants "don't want you to know".

She showed the cooking tip to her friend and filmed it for her viewers on TikTok and she even made reference to the famous quote from celebrity chef Julia Child: "Anything with butter is good."

At the beginning of the clip, she massages one whole butter stick, which weighs about 110 grams, on one side of the fillet.

"This is perfect," Tammy tells her friend. "You don't want any less than this. You want the full stick.

"I want the butter on every single side."

She flips the steak around and grabs another butter stick before repeating the motion until the steak is encased in butter.

"This is going to be the best steak in your entire life, forget eating at the fancy restaurant because clearly this is the best," the woman continues.

On top of that, she uses taco seasoning mix to bring the "fajita" flavour out of the steak.

While the marinade is sitting in, she turns on the stove and sets it to a "low heat" before dropping the steak in a cast iron frying pan.

Tammy even says that if the pan is too hot, it could burn the butter and her goal is to give a "creamy texture" to the steak.

She drops the steak in and the butter starts melting.

"Wow it's happening," her friend says. "Wow! Oh wow, the bubbles."

Tammy adds a few sliced of onions and flips the pink meat around, then drops another butter stick on top.

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Feeling happy about the colour, she takes it out of the pan and proudly says: "Milkshakes don't bring the boys to the yard, steaks do."

Many restaurateurs were left fuming watching the clip, stating "this will never be acceptable in kitchen".

One joked: "My arteries clogged just watching this."

Another wrote: "Just to clarify, we coat in 2,546,000 calories then dip our hair in it with cheap seasoning."

A third added: "I've never been so mad at a TikTok video before."

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