Four ways taking a break from social media can help your bank balance | The Sun

HAVE you got what it takes to quit Facebook or Insta?

Spider-Man actor Tom Holland announced a break from social media earlier this month, to help his mental health.

But did you know it could also be good for your bank balance?

We look at how taking a break from scrolling can help you to save . . . 

IGNORE THE IMPULSE: Shopping on social media has never been easier.

In a 2021 survey, 65 per cent admitted to having bought directly through a social platform in the past year.


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So pausing your accounts means skipping that momentary urge and “add-to-basket” moment altogether.

AVOID THE ADS: The more you surf and scroll, the more likely you are to be targeted with specific adverts linked to what you have been searching for.

Love cleaning products? You’ll be swept up in suggestions for “miracle stain removers”.

Been trying to hunt down a cheap flight? Watch the “Europe for £20” ads to flood your feed.

Taking a social media holiday will allow you to avoid the temptations to click through and spend, especially as most of those deals aren’t actually the fantastic offer they claim to be.

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SKIP THE JEALOUSY: Glued to the profiles of friends on holidays or showing off their new outfits?

The need to “keep up” with our friends is a huge source of extra spending, according to a recent US study.

Stop scrolling and cut out all that FOMO (fear of missing out) — and that jealousy can disappear quickly. So can your need to spend.

STOP TIME-WASTING: At the last count, British people spend an average of 108 minutes a day on social media.

That’s nearly two hours of tapping, clicking and liking, and roughly nine hours over a five-day week.

You could put some of that time into clearing clutter and selling online, learning a skill that you can offer to others or making something and turning it into a profitable side hustle.

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Deal of the day

SLIP into the satin mule heels, reduced from £42 to £17.

SAVE: £25

Cheap Treat

POP a pack of Maltesers into your trolley at Morrisons, previously £1.85, now £1.35.

SAVE: 50p

What's new?

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Top swap

LIGHT up a room with the wicker Sinnerlig lamp shade from Ikea for £50. Or head to Dunelm for a £31.50 dupe.

SAVE: £18.50

Leah's little helper

VIRGIN Money’s current account switch incentive lets new customers earn 25 per cent cashback for 60 days (up to a max of £160) on fuel and UK supermarket spending.


Shop & save

CAN you believe this Habitat blue patterned rug (170 x 90cm) is £5.50? Previously £12 at Argos.

SAVE: £6.50

Hot right now

GET down to a B&M store near you – there’s a £5 toy sale on.


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