Glastonbury 2019: The ultimate guide to what to pack

Glastonbury is almost upon us and it’s time to start packing.

This year, the festival takes place from tomorrow, 26 June, until 30 June 2019 so if you are heading along this weekend, write a list of everything you need and pack as you go.

Although sleeping in a tent for the weekend can make you want to bring everything you can to make it more comfortable, don’t over do it.

Pack things that will actually be useful across the weekend – remember, you are the one that needs to carry it. Being organised will stop you bringing too much.

It is good to be prepared for all sorts of weather though/ The good news is that the weather forecast is good and it’s probably not going to be a washout but the British weather is unpredictable.

The essential things to bring to Glastonbury:

Your ticket – You won’t get very far without it.

A tent, a sleeping bag and a roll mat to sleep on – Pick a tent that’s a slightly bigger size than the number of people staying there for some space for all your belongings. Before you go, make sure you know how to put it up and that all the pieces (including tent pegs) are in the bag. At the end of the festival, make sure you take it home with you again though.

Toilet roll – If you bring your own, you can make sure there’s always some available when you go to the bathroom.

Your phone – Although you might want to bring an old phone in case anything happens to it, you will need something to be able to contact your friends when you inevitably get separated in the crowd.

A portable battery pack – Many will give you several full charges meaning you can keep your phone topped up across the whole weekend. If you don’t have one, buy one that gives at least one charge of your phone for the number of days you’ll be at Glastonbury.

A torch – When it gets dark, having a torch helps you find your way home and can be useful to help you find all your stuff in the tent. You can use the torch on your phone but that will drain the battery life. Try a wind up torch to make sure it never runs out of battery

Medication, contraception and a first aid kit – With drinks flowing, someone might end up injuring themselves so a kit with plasters, antiseptic cream and burn cream is important. Make sure you have contraception available. The pollen count is set to be very high this weekend so if you have hayfever, bring some anti-histamines.

If you take any regular medication, make sure you take enough for the weekend. You need to make sure it’s in the original container with the dispensary sticker to comply with the festival’s prescribed medication policy. If you need your medication to be stored safely or in temperature controlled storage, it can be arranged by emailing in advance.

Bin bags – They are great for keeping dirty clothes or shoes in to prevent everything else you own getting covered in mud before it needs to, but they’re also useful as make-shift rain ponchos and keeping your stuff dry if your tent leaks. Try to buy compostable bin bags, which are slightly better for the planet.

Duct tape – You’ll appreciate you remembered it when your tent pole snaps.

What to wear at Glastonbury:

Wellies – You don’t need to buy anything too fancy. It is predicted to stay dry this weekend but bring wellies just in case. If the rain does start, the ground quickly gets muddy with thousands of people walking over it.

Layers – Bring t-shirts, vests, leggings, shorts and skirts that you can mix and match. If it’s hot, you don’t need them all but if you’re unsure how the day is going to go, you can easy wear more and pop them in your bag if it heats up. It’s also useful to have clean layers underneath if you get a little muddy.

Silly clothing – It is the perfect time to wear something outlandish.

A waterproof coat – As we mentioned, it’s not forecast to rain but if it does, you’ll need a coat with a hood to keep you dry.

A warm jumper – It’s set to be around 27 C on Friday and 24 C on Saturday but Sunday is predicted to be a little chiller so have something warm with you just in case. It’s also useful to have when the sun goes down every night.

Sunglasses – If the temperature reaches what has been predicted, it’s important to stay safe in the sun.

A secure bag – You’ll need something to keep your money, phone and precious roll of toilet roll safe when you’re watching your favourite acts.

How to stay clean:

A washcloth – The festival are discouraging people from bringing wet wipes as even biodegradable wipes release greenhouse gases when they decompose. A few flannels and some soap that you can wash when you get home will work.

Deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste and other toiletries – Even if you don’t plan to queue to use the shower across the weekend, wearing deodorant, brushing your teeth and a wipe with some water from the sink will at least make you feel a little fresher.

Suncream – Again, it looks like it could be hot. Bring suncream and reapply it throughout the day to stop yourself getting burnt.

Hand sanitiser – Keep it with you in your bag so you can keep your hands clean after using the loo.

Towel – It’s useful to have a towel to dry off, even if you don’t want to use the showers. A microfibre travel towel is much more compact and it will dry quickly in your tent.

Dry shampoo – By day three, your hair will be caked in it but it does help to tame it.

What to eat and drink at Glastonbury:

A reusable bottle – Cut down on plastic and cost by bringing your own bottle and refilling it throughout the day at the drinking water stations. Your bottle might also keep it cooler for longer, which is great for the hot weather.

When it comes to alcohol, you can pick up a reusable pint cup if you pay a £5 deposit. At the end of the festival, you can return it to get your money back or keep it as a souvenir.

Tea and coffee – You’ll want something to get you through the hungover first thing in the morning.

Dried food – There will be plenty of places to eat at Glastonbury but if you want to cut costs or just don’t want to have to leave your tent first thing in the morning to get breakfasts, bring some food with you. Noodle pots, cereal bars, biscuits and dried porridge all work.

Alcohol – You can’t bring any glass to the festival but you can bring cans or plastic bottles. It might seem like a good idea to cut costs but remember you have to carry it all there and it will get warm and unappetising quite quickly.

What not to bring to Glastonbury:

The festival has some advice on things to leave at home.

Don’t bring more than you need – If you do forget something, most things can be picked up on site.

Gazebos – Only tents are allowed as gazebos take up a lot of space. The organisers also ask that people don’t put tape around their enclosures as it makes it more difficult for people to get around.

Glass isn’t allowed.

Non-biodegrable body glitter is now allowed.

Do not bring excess packaging – If you purchase something new for the Festival, please remove all the excess packing at home, before you arrive.

Please do not bring any of these prohibited items:

  • No portable laser equipment or pens are permitted.
  • No animals (except registered guide dogs).
  • No sound systems or drums.
  • No generators.
  • No sky lanterns or kites, unauthorised fireworks, or wax flares.
  • No nitrous oxide (laughing gas).

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