Hairdressers advised to 'cut the chat' when salons reopen

Hairdressers advised to ‘cut the chat’ and speak to customers while looking in the mirror to reduce face-to-face conversations when salons reopen to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19

  • Hairdressers have been given advice on how to reduce contact with customers
  • National Hair and Beauty Federation suggested keeping chat to a ‘minimum’
  • Also advised speaking to customers in the mirror to avoid being face-to-face 
  • Hairdressers and barbershops are expected to reopen on July 4 

Hairdressers have been advised to cut the small talk with customers once salons reopen.  

Consultations on style, cut and colour should be conducted either online before the appointment or while looking in the mirror to reduce the amount of time spent speaking face-to-face, according to advice from an industry body.

Salons and barbershops are expected to reopen on July 4 as part of the continued easing of lockdown measures, although no formal announcement has been made. 

Hairdressers have been advised to cut the small talk with customers once salons reopen. Stock image

The National Hair and Beauty Federation released a set of guidelines last month to help businesses prepare themselves for reopening. 

It suggested walk-in salons switch to an appointment-only system, or offer timed tickets to allow customers to ‘reserve’ their slot and return at the designated time. 

To reduce the amount of time a customer spends in the chair, salons have been advised to trial online consultations where they will be able to discuss the treatment.

‘This could be done before your salon or barbershop is fully open for business. This also gives you an opportunity to talk to clients about safety measures you’re taking to protect them and your team and to establish if an allergy alert test is needed.’

Any discussions that take place in person should be kept ‘to a minimum’ and be conducted via the mirror while standing behind the client. 

‘You can lower the risk of infection by standing side-by-side rather than facing people,’ the document continues. 

The NHBF last month wrote an open letter to Business Secretary Alok Sharma urging for guidelines to be published on the reopening of salons. 

Chief executive Hillary Hall wrote: ‘I am writing to you to stress the need for absolute clarity from Government that any future guidance for the hair and beauty industry applies to the sector as a whole. 

‘This includes salons with premises, home-based salons, mobile or freelance stylists, barbers and therapists who work outside salons, for example in care homes and private households or on photoshoots. 

‘Clear messaging on this matter is of absolute importance in order to demonstrate that each of these types of business plays an equal role in reducing the risk of spreading COVID- 19 and ensuring the safety of themselves, their clients and those they interact with.’ 

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