Hamleys reveal the top toys for Christmas

Merry Covid Christmas! Hamleys unveils its top 10 toys for 2020 with a focus on games that will appeal to all generations to encourage togetherness

  •  Popular toy store Hamleys has shared their top festive gift recommendations 
  •  This year’s trends see more inter-generational presents make an appearance
  •  Some of the top recommendations include a new Monopoly and Nerf blaster

Toy store Hamleys’ has revealed its top toys for your little ones this Christmas, with a heavy focus on inter-generational play to encourage togetherness during the pandemic. 

With Christmas this year looking a little different from usual, the shop’s hot predictions for the 2020 festive season centre around gifts which bring people of all ages together and create magical moments they can cherish. 

While there is some fantastic interactive and educational tech on the list, this year features plenty of board games and group activities for all the family to enjoy too. 

The retailer has also unveiled a list of ‘Magic Maker’ toys, with a number of lovable stress-relieving animatronics to mirror the recent rise in pet ownership, as well as other special toys exclusive to Hamleys. 

Victoria Kay, head of buying at Hamleys said: ‘Creating some simple Christmas magic feels more important this year than ever and we think there’s lots of memorable and affordable fun to be had with our 2020 hot picks. 

1. Osmo Genius Starter Kit – £100

2. Laser Battle Hunters – £60

3. LEGO Super Mario Starter Set Adventures with Mario – £50

4. Ferrari Foldable LED Twist Scooter – £70

5. KidiZoom Studio – £60

 6. Barbie 3-in-1 Dream Camper – £90

 7. Nerf Ultra One Blaster – £50

8. Fisher Price Rollin’ Rovee – £60

9. Monopoly for Sore Losers – £23

10. Greedy Monkey – £12


Osmo Genius Starter Kit: £100

This fun-filled learning game has interactive hand-held pieces and uses an iPad of Fire tablet to bring children’s actions to life. The £100 gift is designed for children ages six to ten and has number, words and tangram challenges as well as those involving creative engineering

Laser Battle Hunters: £60

Youngsters are able to enjoy an all new way of playing with remote-controlled cars by duelling with another person in a laser battle, which can involve as many as eight other players. Each pack, suitable for ages five and up, comes with two vehicles so children are ready for combat as soon as the unwrap it on Christmas Day

LEGO Super Mario Starter Set Adventures with Mario: £50

Two popular gaming worlds have come together to create the ultimate Christmas gift with this LEGO and Super Mario Bros collaboration. Players earn virtual coins by moving Mario from the start pipe to the goal pole via spinning and cloud platforms, creating new levels as you go 

Ferrari Foldable LED Twist Scooter: £70

This Ferrari scooter will leave its owner the talk of the playground with its car graphics and LED lights on the wheels. The adjustable height facility means it can grow with the child and is easily foldable for enhanced portability 

KidiZoom Studio: £60

With the KidiZoom children can be the star of their own video universe, taking advantage of the green screen to create special effects as well as filming their own unboxing videos or on-the-move selfie video

Barbie 3-in-1 Dream Camper: £90

Barbie’s life just got a little chicer with this campervan which transforms into three different vehicles and five different living spaces, perfect for encouraging young minds to explore outdoor adventures and bring their travel dreams to life

Nerf Ultra One Blaster: £50

The gold standard of dart blasting: Nerf’s latest addition has been enhanced to reach even further distances with accuracy and speed. With a motorised blaster which can hold 25 darts at a time children can send them flying as high as 36 metres in the air

Fisher Price Rollin’ Rovee: £60

Keep playtime exciting with the Rollin’ Rovee which has four interactive play modes and is filled with fun music and activities to get their little bodies moving. The interactive toy also helps with their early development from six months and up 

Monopoly for Sore Losers: £23

Say goodbye to the frustration of losing while playing Monopoly, and say hello to the Monopoly For Sore Losers board game – a twist on the classic boardgame which celebrates losing and helps players get the revenge they have been craving 

Greedy Monkey: £12

How much greed is good? This fun new game will provide entertainment for all the family when they put their luck to the test to see who takes home the crown at the end


Present Pets: £60

Following in the footsteps of the pet ownership increase during lockdown, your Present Pets will unbox itself in order to greet its new owner, with the added element of surprise waiting to find out which sweet animal is waiting inside  

Hamleys Mini Movers: £9


These collectible little pets are the perfect gift for the small hands and big imaginations of pre-school age and beyond, helping spark their imaginations

UNO Showdown and UNO Flip

These two new adaptions of the popular card game UNO promise to provide hours of fun for all the family. Ben the first to press the paddle when the signal goes off in Showdown and pick the ‘dark side’ or ‘the light side’ in Flip

Cluedo Liars Edition: £22 

In this game lying can help you get to the truth and using the investigation cards to figure out who killed Dr. Black in the mansion

Play-doh Slime, Snotty Scott: £11 

This hilarious Play-Doh slime toy for children three years and up inspires them to reimagine the way they play with slime, by pressing the top of Scotts head to make the gooey substance squeeze out of his nose

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