Horse 2022 zodiac horoscope: What your Chinese zodiac sign means for you this year

Chinese New Year: Each Zodiac sign explained

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HORSE people (born in 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002 or 2014) are very lucky this year in most aspects of life. If you were looking for love this year, it may not happen because you’re so focused on your finances and career (and that’s okay!) chatted to Marites Allen, Celebrity Feng Shui and Chinese Zodiac Expert to find out what the Horse horoscope is for 2022.

This overall forecast is valid for this year 2022 (Year of the Water Tiger) starting from February 1, 2022, to January 21, 2023.

You are an ally of the ruling Tiger, Horse, so you can wear a smile on his face all year long!

Marites said: “Good seeds you have planted in the past will now bear fruits.
“This is the time for new beginnings, as well as great prospects. Positivity in most aspects of your life will truly manifest.

“Overall, 2022 will be fruitful for you, especially at work where you will experience consistent upliftment. Stay focused, and you will be a winner in 2022.”


If you are an entrepreneur, this is a good year for you to revitalise your business.

Marites advises Horses to display a couple of those Victory Horses or wealth-enhancing images in the South of their homes.

She said: “Success and good income are possible if you venture into a new business.

“You are likely going to employ new staff who will help you grow your personal business.

“If you are an employee, stay committed because by doing so, you channel the auspicious star to remain in your favour.”


Better income and promotion at work are in the stars for Horses in 2022.

Marites said: “You have a higher chance of landing your dream job.

“Consider looking out for a better career alternative if you have that plan in the first place.

“Make sure that Victory and success images are neatly displayed in the South area of your home or office. Carrying similar amulets will also work wonders.”


You will be too busy making money and attending to career concerns to think about love this year, Horse.

Marites explained: “Love and romance may take a back seat in favour of financial and workplace success.

“Do not force it, and just live in the moment. Make new friends, because it is likely that you might end up with THE one when the time is right.

“If married or in a relationship, spending less time with your partner might lead to frequent disagreements or serious conflict in your marriage.”


Watch out for your mental health and temper this year, Horse.

Marites said: “Your mental health and mindset may not be as satisfactory as you might wish in 2022.

“On some unfavourable months, your relationship with other people will be affected negatively and you will become apprehensive.

“You are also likely going to push people away during this year.”

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