Hot gran shows off her coconuts as she shares health benefits of fruity water

Gorgeous grandma Gina Stewart has thrilled fans by stripping off as she explained the health benefits of coconut water.

The The 51-year-old from Australia, who has been dubbed the 'world's hottest gran', often shares her health tips to stay looking young over on her @ginastewarthealth Instagram account.

And her latest was all about the water, which she claims can reduce cholesterol and heart disease risk.

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And to get fans interested in her tips even more, Gina stripped off to 'show off her own coconuts' as she posed with the fruit in front of her topless chest.

She teamed her flesh-flashing display with long, curled locks and a crochet skirt.

Addressing her 6,904 fans on the account, Gina wrote: "How’s your blood pressure?

"Drinking coconut water may help reduce heart disease risk and cholesterol.

"In a study from 2008, researchers fed test subjects a diet rich in fat and cholesterol. One group also was fed high doses of coconut water.

"After 45 days, the coconut water group had lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, similar to the effects of taking a statin drug."

She added: "Another study shows that coconut water is beneficial to lower blood pressure, most likely due to the blood-pressure lowering effects of the potassium in the coconut water.

"Potassium, one of the electrolytes in coconut water, can help lower blood pressure, according to American Heart Association.

"The AHA states that potassium-rich foods help lower blood pressure because the electrolyte reduces the impact of sodium, which can raise blood pressure."

The glam gran concluded her post by saying: "Personally I choose to have a glass of coconut water a day, especially during or after working out."

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Fans were loving her tip, and the accompanying photos, as the post racked up hundreds of likes.

"Beautiful! Nice coconuts Gina," exclaimed one cheeky fan.

As another echoed: "OMG what GORGEOUS coconuts."

A third also told her: "Sexy – I love it!!"

While a fourth finally referred to her health tip as they replied: "So good having some chilled after a gym session."

The post comes after Gina posed totally naked earlier this month as she shared the benefits of having sex on the account.

She has also hit headline this week as she opened up to Daily Star about being forced to move home due to photographers turning up on her doorstep.


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