Hotel workers reveal the craziest things they've seen on the job

Hotel workers reveal the most bizarre things they’ve seen on the job – including a woman giving birth in the hall and a man secretly living in the electrical closet

  • Hotel staff shared the craziest things they saw at work on US-based site Whisper
  • One revealed on anonymous sharing platform that had seen a woman give birth 
  • Another time, one worker caught a man living with his dog in an electrical closet

You meet an array of people when you stay overnight in a hotel, from people visiting their families, to people enjoying boozy stag-dos and others having illicit affairs.

And these current and former hotel workers have shared their own crazy stories, revealing some of the most unbelievable situations they have faced during their shifts. 

Writing on the secret sharing site Whisper, hotel employees from around the world anonymously revealed their surprising tales, including one worker who claimed they unexpectedly saw a woman give birth in a hallway.

Elsewhere, another staff member claimed that he caught a man who was living with his dog in an electrical closet and sneaking employee lunches, while another employee said they saw a woman ‘kicked out’ of her room by her partner, after an apparent argument during sex. 

Here, FEMAIL shares a selection of the most surprising things hospitality workers have witnessed while on the job.

Hotel workers have shared their unbelievable situations from work, including one from Fischer, Idaho, who claimed they saw a ‘half naked man’ throw his mattress out the window

Writing on US-based site Whisper, hotel employees anonymously revealed their surprising tales, including one from Las Vegas who claimed they saw a woman give birth in a hallway

Another worker claimed they were cleaning someone’s room when they found the red wax from 15 Babybel cheeses rolled into a big ball on the night stand

One employee from Westway, Texas, revealed they ‘awkwardly’ saw a woman get kicked out her room ‘butt naked’ after she had a fight with her partner

While one employee, whose location is unknown, claimed the ‘craziest’ thing they ever saw was a man living in an electrical closet with his dog and sneaking employee lunches 

Another hotel worker hilariously revealed a guest once came to the lobby to inform them that their child had peed all over their room

And another worker, from Norman, Oklahoma, quipped that they saw some ‘real life reality television’ when a woman confronted her husband for having an affair in the lobby

One former worker admitted that they encountered many ‘drug fuelled orgies’ during their time working at the motel

Another worker, from Arlington, Texas, claimed that there was a ‘haunted’ room in the hotel that a guest ‘refused to stay in’ after a suicide occurred in the room

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