How the Total Solar Eclipse Will Affect You, Based on Your Sign

We may not be able to see the first eclipse of this season — a total eclipse on July 2 — from the United States, but that doesn’t mean we should ignore it. Because, what many don’t realize is eclipses can have an effect on each and every zodiac sign, and in this upcoming total eclipse’s case, it could also have an effect on our country as a whole.

But first, what is a total solar eclipse?

A total solar eclipse is a cosmic event where the moon passes between the Earth and the sun, blocking the sun for a few moments. But the effects of a solar eclipse can be felt for about one year after it happens and may be foreshadowed leading up to it, says Jay Austin, partner at AustinFischer Astrogenomics.

“With the solar eclipse falling so close to our country’s birthday, July 4, expect events that will steer the country in a different direction,” he adds.

The upcoming total solar eclipse will be the first total solar eclipse since August 21, 2017 and will only be briefly visible from Chile and Argentina just before sunset for 2 minutes and 53 seconds. Some regions in the Pacific and in South America, including Ecuador, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay, will, however, see a partial solar eclipse if weather permits, according to Earth Sky.

But that’s enough about a total solar eclipse we won’t be able to see with our own eyes. Let’s get into exactly what you came here for: how the eclipse will affect your zodiac sign, according to Austin.


“With the July 2 eclipse falling into Aries’ solar 4th house, the ram will be dealing with real estate — buying and/or selling property, or moving. There may be a significant development with a parent.

“Jupiter is extremely powerful in Sagittarius in your solar 9th house, pointing to foreign travel or much interaction with foreigners or a foreign culture, at the very least. If travel plans have stalled, they’ll get traction after Aug. 12 when Jupiter turns direct. The eclipse signals a major life change for Aries born March 28-April 4.

“Red tape, authority figures and issues with men — father/husband/brother/boss — will frustrate Aries born April 5 to 10. Aries born April 10 to 15 may feel forces beyond their control disrupting and transforming their lives. Old wounds open and warrant examination for those born March 24 to 29,” Austin says.


“The eclipse in Taurus’ 3rd house triggers new intellectual or learning activities — perhaps taking a class or writing a book — as well as significant events with a sibling or aunt or uncle. A letter, analog or digital, or bit of news on or around July 2 could have far-reaching ramifications.

“With Uranus moving through Taurus, disruptive events send your life in unexpected new directions, particularly for those born April 24 to 29. Jupiter, strong in Sagittarius in your solar 8th house, augurs a windfall from an investment or inheritance.”


“The eclipse in Gemini’s solar 2nd house signals a shift in income pattern or a large luxury purchase. Jupiter is strong in the solar 7th house and. along with Venus, bring bountiful occasions for love.

“Geminis born June 5 to 10 will be blessed with a level growth and opportunity that only happens every three years but must know their limits. Those with a June 7 to 12 birthday may feel confused and unclear as to their life direction, due to Neptune.”


“It’s all about you, Cancer. The solar eclipse is in your home sign, and it’s time to focus on yourself and your health and well-being.

“This is a time of many beginnings, and your outlook on life may evolve. Your energy and enthusiasm will be dialed up to 10. Start paying attention to your nutritionist, book that personal trainer so you’ll feel good about yourself [by] next year, get that eight hours of sleep a night, and force yourself to sit down and meditate. These endeavors are supported by Jupiter in Sag. in the 6th house of health.

“Neptune, powerful in Pisces, is supporting Cancers born July 8 to 15 with an additional dose of creativity and sensitivity, which will likely reach psychic levels. Heavy Saturn and Pluto create a drag on your partnership sector.”


“Proud lion, with the eclipse in your solar 12th house, a secret will be revealed — yours or another’s — on or around July 2 that will reverberate throughout the year. This is also a time when you can make psychological breakthroughs. Your subconscious and your past — including your family’s emotional history and your lineage of past lives — will open for you with minimal effort. You will find yourself withdrawing for private time more than usual. At the same time, your creativity is running a top level, with Jupiter in Sag. in your 5th house of self-expression.

“The year ahead may see a baby conceived or delivered. Guard your health, particularly with Saturn and Pluto in one of your health sectors. You or someone in your orbit may end up spending some time in hospital. Work and career are on the unpredictable side.”


“Your social life swings into full gear for the year ahead, Virgo, likely kicking off with a fun Independence Day extravaganza and barely stopping to rest.

“The eclipse occurs in your solar house of hopes and dreams, so set goals and priorities now and watch the universe conspire to bring them into reality through your friends and like-minded contacts. Be active in groups and organizations so you don’t miss out on all the year ahead has to offer you.

“Jupiter, feeling his oats in Sagittarius, pushes you to upgrade your home; you’re either moving to somewhere larger and/or nicer, or beautifying your current home with some improvements. Uranus supports those born Aug. 28 to Sept. 1 with some unusual changes that take them in unexpected new directions. Neptune, currently at full strength in your opposite sign, Pisces, may demand a sacrifice for those Virgos born Sept. 9 to 14.”


“The eclipse in your solar 10th house could mean the start of a new business or a new position or phase within your existing one. There should be additional monies involved, with Venus near the Midheaven. The company you work for could get a new business or management team.

“There may be a significant event with a parent, most likely the father or father-figure. The eclipse will bring a life-changing event for Librans born Oct. 1 to 7. Those born Oct. 9 to 18 have an uphill battle, with Saturn and Pluto in challenging angle. Jupiter in Sagittarius in the 3rdhouse brings opportunity by post or email, although not likely from a Nigerian prince. If you were ever planning to write a novel or screenplay, you’ll be able to churn out page after page with rapidity.”


“Long-distance travel and extensive interactions with foreigners is emphasized with the eclipse falling into your solar 9th house. You may embark on a spiritual quest or go back to school. With Jupiter in Sagittarius in your income sector, you should be flush with cash, or at least money-making opportunities.

“If you were born on Oct. 29, play the lottery around the time of the July 2 eclipse. Sympathetic Neptune in mystical Pisces in your 5th house of self-expression promises creative gusto. You may be extra-psychic or have signs from beyond the veil at this time. Meditate in order to channel the energies appropriately and to avoid being overwhelmed.

“Uranus in the partnership sector is particularly trying for scorpions born Oct. 28 to 31, as you or your partner are feeling the need to spread their wings and explore their independence.”


“The eclipse falls in Sagittarius’ solar 8th house, which is ‘other people’s money.’ With Pluto and Saturn across the chart in the 2nd house, the money may be coming via an inheritance. Alternatively, it could be a financial gift or an investment that pays off substantially. Careful planning and investing are required in any case.

“With Sagittarius’ ruling planet, Jupiter, traversing its 1st house, international travel and foreign culture are highlighted. For archers born Dec. 7 to 11, this is their most fortunate period in 12 years, with boundless luck and opportunity.”


“Relationships are in the spotlight as the eclipse lights up Capricorn’s solar 7th house. Proposals are coming, whether it’s a request for a first date or it’s a ring or an actual ceremony. Saturn in Capricorn in the 1st house speaks of commitment, dedication and sweat over the next year.

“Uranus brings life-changing surprises to those born Dec. 26 to 30. For goats born Dec. 29 to Jan. 4, events around the eclipse change their lives forever. Challenges with men — usually husband or father — are happening for those born Jan. 6 to 10. Capricorns born Jan. 11 to 15 are going through profound changes of identity and direction due to transformative Pluto.”


“The eclipse in your solar health sector insists you quit any bad habits that are undermining your vitality and longevity. Get your annual physical and blood work, and buckle down on nutrition and exercise programs.

“With heavy Saturn and Pluto across the way in the solar 12th house, you may be visiting someone in an institution of some sort. Uranus in the sector of home and family indicates an unexpected shift in that area, particularly for Aquarians born Jan. 24 to 28. Jupiter, strong in Sag, brings benefits through groups and organizations. A trip abroad with friends would be to your benefit.”


“Pisces may find themselves tied up with children — particularly their firstborn if they have children of their own — or else birthing a major creative project.

“Fish born March 7 to 11 may be feeling their identities caught in the undertow of Neptune as they become cosmically reinvented. Friendly Jupiter in Sag is blowing up their career sector with opportunity. Pisceans find the material world harsh and challenging; be sure to escape through art and meditation and to leave addictions of any kind alone. Take care with fevers and fast cars.”

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