I don’t know whether I’ve got a future with my lodger or my lover

DEAR DEIDRE: I DON’T know whether I’ve got a future with my lodger or my lover, but I’ve got a bad track record of choosing the wrong man.

I’m a divorced woman of 34. I started a relationship with a retired doctor who’s 55.

He’s got a nice life, likes to travel but he doesn’t do “mush” as he calls it – he doesn’t like to be touched and the sex is boring.

I’m also having a fling with my lodger, who’s a man of 39.

He’s loving and affectionate and he has a little girl of seven.

We get along great but he doesn’t have any ambition, earns a meagre salary and never has any spare cash.

My doctor lover wants me to move in with him and it would make sense financially but the other guy is so much more loving.

What do I do?


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DEIDRE SAYS: You’re settling for second-best with both of these men.

Neither is right for you. One isn’t loving. One has no drive. Both of these things are important to you.

Put an end to both these relationships as you are risking spreading coronavirus.

Don’t put up with these dead-end relationships any longer.

ring them to a close and my support pack called Finding The Right Partner For You will help you make better choices next time.

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