I spent £49k to look this hot – people call me delusional but Im not

A woman who spent £49,000 on plastic surgeries to "look hot and skinny" hit back at trolls who called her "delusional".

Jazmyn Forrest, from Australia, had multiple liposuctions, fillers and breast implants in the last six years thanks to her "sugar daddy".

The 25-year-old took to TikTok to explain what operations she had gone under the knife for.

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"So the first thing I ever got done was my boobs and the first surgery I had was because they were really uneven – they were like botched," she said.

"That was £3,500 ($6,000 AUD) – and then I got just my stomach lipo-suctioned, that's why my stomach is flat.

"Then I also went and had separate surgery to get my chin lipo-suctioned, which I actually regret because if you get them done altogether it works out cheaper.

"And then I got my lower back, upper back, arms and thighs done – that's why I'm so skinny, guys!"

A further breast reconstruction surgery cost her £27,000 and she spent another £6,000 on her face to remove all the wrinkles, ageing marks and loose skins.

Viewers shared their thoughts on comments – and some had different opinions on the definition of "hot".

"Hot and cute? Don't think so, you look fat and funny," one wrote.

Another said: "Hot is obviously subjective. Yucky."

Jazmyn responded to the comments and said she can be whatever she want because it's her body.

"People call me delusional because I identify as skinny. I can be whatever I want and your opinion doesn't matter," she said.

"You will never be in my body and I will never be in yours – and everyone can be hot!"

Jazmyn revealed she has two more operations booked for 2023.

"I’m not encouraging plastic surgery but I just really love stuff like this. And I don’t want to hide anything from you guys," she clarified.


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