I thought my Tinder date stood me up at dinner but he was waiting in car naked

A woman was left reeling when she thought she was being stood up by her date – only to find him "completely naked" in his car.

Ashleigh recalled the daunting experience when she dated the man, who she dubbed Paul, from Tinder in 2016.

She posted a video and said: "When my Tinder date left me for 20 minutes while waiting for a table, claiming he left his wallet in his car and I thought I was being stood up, but actually he was out in his car completely naked."

Her clip went viral with 5.3 million views on TikTok – and people had a lot of questions.

Ashleigh cleared up some common queries in her follow-up post, explaining how 'Paul' was generally a nice guy when they started chatting on Tinder for months.

She recalled: "Then later around September, I was hanging out with my friends in a mall, which is close to where he lived.

"He texted me asking me where I was and if I was up for dinner.

"I said no but he suggested me to bring my friend along, so we met him at a steakhouse and he hugged me and we walked to the door.

"At the door, he was patting his pants and said 'oh my God, I forgot my wallet, go ahead and put our name on the list'.

"Then 15 minutes went by, our tables were still not being called and he's still not coming back."

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At this point Ashleigh was convinced that she was being stood up and was thinking to leave with her friend and go grab McDonald's instead.

But when they headed to the car park, they saw Paul's car and she became very concerned because he wasn't picking up any phone calls.

That's when things went from bad to worse.

Ashleigh said: "My friend, who was walking in front of me, gets to his car and she let out a scream and I'm like 'hey Katy, what's wrong?'

"She said 'don't look in the car, don't look in the car'. Me being the nosey a** I am, I got to the car, looked in and this man butt a** naked, full erection and everything.

"He just rolled down the window and said 'do you want to have a threesome?'

"I left. 'No.'"

Viewers said it was a "new fear unlocked" but some joked: "Did he find his wallet at the end?"

Ashleigh replied: "I didn't ask. He tried calling after, I ended up blocking him. Never heard anything after."

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