I told my girlfriend she is not the most beautiful – now she hates me

It is commonly thought that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Regardless of this, some people like to believe they are the most beautiful thing to walk this planet.

Much like this one woman, Katie.

However, Katie’s boyfriend has not shared the same sentiment and admitted to her that she is in fact not the ‘most’ gorgeous woman on earth. Awkward!

To add insult to injury, the lad declared his questionable attraction to Katie in front of their friends – which has left a huge dent in her ego.

The admission has now left their relationship on the rocks.

Taking to Reddit for some advice on the situation, the lad first explained how it all unfolded.

After Katie disagreed with a statement from a friend that their celebrity crush was the most beautiful, she urged her partner to big up her beauty.

But, it all went downhill from there.

“I think Katie is very beautiful, but she isn't the most beautiful woman on Earth, so I've never told her that,” the lad admitted.

“All our friends were looking at me, and I felt pressured.

“I felt like saying yes but I didn't want to lie, and she'd never stop boasting about it. She's kind of proud, one of her bad traits.”

Instead of giving in, the lad shared his honest opinion.

“I honestly felt quite cornered and I admitted that no, she wasn't the most beautiful woman.

“I tried to be polite but of course, my response sounded like s***. I immediately apologised.

“Katie looked so upset, and I felt really bad. She ended up leaving the place and she texted me saying I embarrassed her in front of all her friends and that I was an a**hole. I tried apologising again but she wouldn't listen.”

Since being posted,Reddit users have found themselves stuck in a debate on whether the lad or Katie was in the wrong.

Some people felt that the lad should make Katie feel special, even though she may not be the ‘most’ beautiful woman in the world.

One user commented: “There comes a time in every straight young man’s life that he faces a test.

"It’s an easy one, really – it just requires a compliment. Not a lot of thought, just smiling, nodding, and agreeing with her.

“You, my friend, have managed to fail this excruciatingly easy test.”

Another person added: “Bro your girlfriend was talking with friends and wanted all friends to know basically how much you love her and see her. If you can’t answer that she is the most beautiful girl in the world I think she might leave.

A third person said: “All you had to say was yes…”

However, others felt that Katie was being ‘immature’ and backed the lad.

One person expressed: “She wasn’t just fishing for a compliment – she was badgering you for an absurd one, and it’s entirely her fault it didn’t go her way.”

Someone else voiced: “Dude, she was asking for it, tryna corner you like that. Sounds like a control thing if you ask me. Fishing for compliments is always unattractive, and gets toxic really fast. Not mature on her part at all.”

As another shared: “Your girlfriend is a narcissist and manipulative. No one in their right mind can believe they are the most beautiful person in the world.”

Let us know in the comments if you think the lad is in the wrong!

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