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A TESCO worker has revealed the 11 things she wishes she could tell customers – but she isn't allowed.

The former employee has lifted the lid to over the realities of working at the popular supermarket, including how she feels about self-service tills.

According to the Mirror, these are the 11 things employees would love to tell annoying customers.

1. I know it's three minutes until we open, but I can't unlock the doors just because you're standing there

Those who prefer quieter shopping times are the first ones to rush to the store.

But standing in front of the entrance before opening hours will annoy strict employees.

She said: "You're early, that's great. But unfortunately when we open at 7am, that means 7am.

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"I'm sorry if it's raining, or you're cold. But looking at me with a face like thunder isn't going to speed this process up."

2. Huffing and puffing in the queue won't make me go any quicker on the checkouts

She slammed customers who criticise workers for being slow at checkouts.

She said it's useless to complain as it won't make her go quicker.

"I'm not deliberately going slow – it's just busy in here," she slammed.

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3. We dread asking for someone's ID – and then finding out they're 30 anyway

You might find yourself in the annoying situation of being asked about your ID when buying alcohol or energy drinks.

Well, the Tesco expert revealed you should "feel flattered" as she would only ask those who look young enough to not be allowed to buy it.

"I'm asking you to prove you're old enough to buy that bottle of vodka, because I'm not doing it for fun," she added.

4. The Tesco fleeces are so incredibly comfortable

She promised shoppers that although Tesco fleeces aren't the most flattering items of clothing to wear, they are "amazingly warm in those chilly winter months".

5. The frustration of people gathering around you as you knock 30p off a pack of mince

Desperate savvy shoppers often flock the Tesco shelves to snatch discounted items.

But the former worker slammed those who can't wait to bag in the bargains.

She said: "Those yellow stickers are coming out, and its like shoppers can smell them a mile off."

6. The mindless game you play trying to squeeze another box of dolly mix on the shelf so you can finally get it out of the cage

"We all know those huge cages can get in the way, but getting the products off them is the real task," she added.

7. My lunch isn't a free Tesco meal deal, let me assure you

Money-savers love a Tesco meal, but contrary to what many might think, staff don't get it for free.

Instead, she explained: "Going on lunch and finding yourself short of a few quid so you opt for that Tesco Everyday Value thick sliced bread that your managers generously left in the staff room."

8. That sigh you give when a customer pleads with you to knock some pennies off

Shoppers will be glad to know that workers end up surrendering to customer's demands to save money on damage items.

The supermarket insider said she sometimes turned a blind eye on the matter to avoid a frosty argument.

"The last box of 10 pack fish fingers has been opened – it's probably just a damaged box but hey, I'll knock 10 per cent off to avoid the drama," she said.

9. The carrier bag charge is definitely not my fault

She also begged people to stop blaming Tesco for the 5p plastic bag charge.

"I'm all for saving the planet, but don't take it out on the messenger," she said.

10. Clocking onto loyal customers' routines

With so much time in their hands, supermarket workers end up memorising their customers' shopping daily routines.

The former worker admitted: "That's right, Barbara. I see you doing the weekly shop at 7pm every Wednesday.

"I saw you last week, and the week before that, and the week before that…"


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11. I hate the self service tills more than you

Finally, she said: "And impatiently waving your product in front of the scanner isn't going to make my life any easier.

"I hold the power to unlock these bad boys, and the red light flashing above you has already told me you need my help."

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