Im 1st adult star with colostomy bag – disabled people should be represented

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    A woman became "the first porn star with a colostomy bag" after undergoing life-changing surgery in 2019.

    And she’s breaking through people's preconceived notions of what it's like living with a disability.

    GoAskAlex is a Canadian adult model, onscreen performer and sex educator with the distinction of being the industry’s first-ever ostomate.

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    Her small intestine was diverted out through her abdomen, and now she wears a permanent medical device.

    The auburn-haired beauty launched her adult career in 2014 as a webcam model – and has since taken the opportunity to use her high-profile platform to advocate for disabled and underrepresented bodies in adult media.

    “Occasionally I receive a rude question or statement because of my disability, but it hardly makes a dent in all of the wonderful and supportive comments I receive,” she exclusively told Daily Star.

    “When working in the adult industry you have to have a pretty thick skin because people are emboldened by the anonymity of the internet.

    “Since I’m an almost 10-year veteran of porn, I’ve learned to let it roll off my back!”

    A colostomy bag is a small waterproof pouch used to collect waste from the body.

    It involves a surgical procedure known as a colostomy, which involves diverting one end of the large intestine through an opening in the abdominal wall.

    After her op, Alex was scared people might be put off by her ostomy – which was attached to her stomach following the complex operation to address her ulcerative colitis.

    But she's been thankful to learn that she’s been welcomed with open arms.

    Alex makes sure to not hide her colostomy bag as she believes it makes her “more relatable” and “challenges the idea of what’s considered conventionally attractive".

    Additionally, she said that it normalises the characteristics of disabled people in porn.

    “It’s rewarding to know that other people living with disabilities will see my content and feel represented,” she explained.

    “I’m no stranger to feeling ‘othered’ by mainstream media, so my goal has always been to provide a safe space for all body types.

    “I am grateful to receive messages on an almost daily basis from other ostomates thanking me for the work that I'm doing, and telling me how much it means to them to be represented in porn. Reading and re-reading these messages is extremely motivating for me!”

    Alex decided to join the adult industry because she was tired of working multiple jobs at once in order to make ends meet.

    The bombshell said she was barely squeezing by while working overtime six days per week between three different jobs.

    She started by performing webcam sex shows from the bedroom of the basement suite she was renting with her best friend at the time in 2014.

    “My landlords lived upstairs, and it wasn’t long before they started complaining about all of the noise I was making ‘with my boyfriend,’” she said.

    “They were pretty shocked to learn that I didn’t have a boyfriend!”

    After just two years of working in the adult industry, she was able to go from getting her groceries at the food bank to buying her first car outright.

    Now Alex currently sits atop the 1% of content creators on OnlyFans, is a top attraction over at and sells her original video clips on a variety of top porn sites.

    She has since been featured in XBIZ Magazine, posing for the cover as the trade publication’s first-ever model with an ostomy, as well as Hustler E-Magazine to promote her inspiring Disabled Sex Workers Calendar.

    Alex also won 2020’s XBIZ Cam Award for Best Inked Model and 2021’s XBIZ Best Cam Model.

    The 24-year-old loves filming scenes with creative backstories and always gets into the role of the character she’s playing.

    She once had a custom video request for her to set up a Home Alone-style house full of boobie traps for a fellow performer.

    “Something I’ve noticed in the past decade is that more and more adult content is being sold directly from the creator to the consumer, rather than through large production companies,” she told us.

    “Whether through third-party sites like OnlyFans or forums such as Reddit, content creators are able to market directly to their target audience.

    “Because of that, adult entertainment is no longer limited to mainstream standards, meaning that more and more diverse body types are finally being recognised as sexy!

    “I’m lucky to have found a network of artistic queers like myself who can all bounce ideas off each other and lend support when we need it.

    She added: “The stigma around porn can make life feel very lonely, but having a community of fellow performers makes all the difference.”

    Alex’s most recent project has been a short film called The Confession which was recently featured in the Red Dawns Feminist Intersectional Film Festival and will be showing in Seattle, Washington in April 2023.

    Readers can see more of Alex’s work and writing , or explore her wild side


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