I'm a carnivore dad who feeds my one-year-old son raw testicle

I’m a carnivore dad who feeds my one-year-old son raw bull testicle and liver – babies have a ‘natural sense’ of what’s good for them

  • Pauly, who lives in Bali, fed raw liver to his son at the age of five months old
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A man who boasts about eating raw meat – including bull testicles – online, has divulged his one year old has also eaten the uncooked animal body part too.

Pauly Long, who lives in Bali, is steadfast in his belief that feeding his son raw meat is healthy.

The self-proclaimed ‘Testicle King’, who mainly follows the carnivore diet of raw meat and dairy with very little fruit or veg, defended his child’s raw meat way of life, because he believes babies possess ‘a natural sense’ of what food is good for them.

The 31-year-old also revealed the first piece of food his son had ever consumed, at the age of five months old, was raw liver.

He added: ‘He then tried raw testicle a few months ago. He loves it. It’s actually one of his favourite things.’

Pauly Long, 31, divulged that he had fed his 14 month old son raw testicle, stating that the toddler loves the raw body part and it was ‘one of his favourite things’

In fact, the content creator explained his son also slept very well after eating raw testicle for the first time. 

The father originally ate testicles as a joke, but now it is a principal part of his every day meals.

Mr Long, who alleges that he has eaten every inch of an animal, has now widened his palette beyond a solely carnivore diet.

The content creator feeds his child a varied selection of whole foods, telling Metro: ‘I don’t force raw meat on him. I’ve never forced anything on my kid, and I never will. I let him figure it out.’

Although his son is not speaking yet, Mr Long claims the youngster knows what he wants, and will direct him by pointing.

Mr Long advocated for their raw meat approach by suggesting it has had a positive effect on him over the last few years.

Although, there are advantages and disadvantages to a raw meat diet, the father believes the cons are ‘more mental than anything.’

The raw meat fan explained that he had conducted in-depth research into the dangers of consuming raw meat prior to feeding it to his child or eating it himself.

Mr Long stated: ‘A really common myth about consuming raw meat that everyone thinks is that it’s going to make you sick and give you salmonella.

The raw food fanatic had previously given his son raw liver when he was only five months old 

The content creator, who calls himself ‘The Testicle King’ wanted to feed his child raw meat earlier in life, however his wife was initially against the idea. Mr Long believes raw meat is ‘really good for your body’, as long as it is from a quality source

‘It’s very unlikely actually because most raw meat has very active enzymes in it, which are really good for your body. You lose a lot of those in the cooking process.

The father stated protecting yourself from dodgy meat is all about sourcing it from a quality provider, where it is properly preserved.  

Mr Long has experienced food poisoning thrice so far this year, but he alleged these incidents were ‘always from restaurants’, noting that his child had not been unwell because of raw meat.

However, not everyone has been on board with the bizarre diet for the one-year-old to begin with.


Followers of the carnivore diet typically eat just meat, with no carbohydrates, vegetables, fruit, grains or nuts. Some also have dairy and fish.

Experts argue followers of such an eating regimen miss out on fibre, antioxidants and vitamins. Lacking in these nutrients can affect a person’s immunity, digestion, circulation and cognitive function.

Eliminating most of the major food groups does cause many carnivore dieters to lose weight, however, it can also lead to constipation. 

Due to meat being rich in protein and fat, many followers claim they feel fuller for longer, even though they are missing out on vital nutrients. 

Experts claim followers of such a diet may initially feel better due to them cutting out sugar and processed food. Yet such eating plans are often unsustainable, causing dieters to feel frustrated and defeated.

Among those who take it one step further and eat raw red meat, they are putting themselves at risk of food poisoning if they become infected with bacteria like Salmonella.

Some experts have warned against the meat-only diet, with excessive amounts of red meat previously linked to bowel cancer.

The NHS states: ‘Red meat – such as beef, lamb and pork – is a good source of protein, vitamins and minerals, and can form part of a balanced diet. But eating a lot of red and processed meat probably increases your risk of bowel (colorectal) cancer.

‘That’s why it’s recommended that people who eat more than 90g (cooked weight) of red and processed meat per day cut down to 70g, as this could help reduce your risk of bowel cancer.’


The TikToker elaborated that he wanted to feed the toddler raw meat earlier in life, but his wife was totally opposed to the idea.

But as time has passed, the mother has warmed to the unique diet for her child, as the one-year-old now has a diet that consist of raw milk, chicken drumsticks and steak.

The father added that his son was much grander in stature than other children of the same age.

It is of paramount importance to Mr Long, that his child does not have a diet filled with ‘junk food’.

The Testicle King explained that his childhood diet was full of processed meats such as chicken nuggets and other unhealthy foods, which he thinks had long term impacts on his body. 

The father has had food poisoning three times this year, however he claims they were always a result of a restaurant visit

Mr Long alleges that his son his bigger than other children the same age because of his bizarre raw meat diet 

He explained: ‘My dad would feed me junk, but then also try to make me eat healthy, and I never wanted to.’

The father will not impede his sons dietary decisions as he grows older, sharing that he is entitled to eat what he wants.

However, he is fairly confident the one-year-old will not become a vegetarian or vegan, because of his love of steak.

Dr Lawrence Cunningham from UK Care urged people not to feed their toddlers raw meat because there are significant health risks at play.

He said: ‘Feeding raw meat to toddlers is not recommended due to the significant health risks involved.

‘Infants have sensitive and developing digestive systems that may not effectively handle raw foods, especially meats.

‘In addition, consuming raw meat can expose infants to harmful bacteria, leading to potential food borne illnesses. It’s always best to thoroughly cook meats to ensure they are safe for babies to consume.

‘Whilst meat has usually been introduced by this point, raw meat hasn’t. The risks I outlined, particularly around choking and bacteria, still exist, so on balance, I’d still recommend waiting until they are older.’

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