Im a teacher who gets sexy after class – people are wowed by my side job

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    They say women can't have it all – but one lass is here to tell people that you can be sexy and intelligent.

    Venus Reambonanza, 33, who is originally from the Philippines, is a teacher who's talent isn't limited to the classroom. As well as inspiring a new generation, she also gets a little saucy in her spare time by creating content for Playboy.

    She loves modelling and taking pictures – and working with the world famous brand has been a "huge achievement" for her. As long as she maintains a high standard in the classroom, she thinks she should be allowed to let her hair down and get a little sexy in her spare time.

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    Speaking exclusively to Daily Star about how Playboy changed her life, Venus said: "It inspires me to be creative and appreciate myself. I admire the beauty of women, and it’s a privilege to represent womankind with confidence and content that is art in its own way.

    "My mother is a government teacher in the Philippines and – when I was growing up – I got to witness her passion for teaching children. It inspired me to follow in her footsteps, but I wanted to be a little bit different, so I decided to pursue Special Education.

    "When I was a kid I used to gather children from our neighbourhood for make believe games and I would be the teacher and they would be the students. So yes, I have always wanted to be a teacher."

    During the time she was working in the Philippines, Venus admitted she would have lots of work to do, as well as a very hectic schedule as a teacher. When she moved to Thailand she was able to do the same job but only work 15 to 22 hours per week.

    This is when she started to have more free time to do other things, such as modelling and making content for social media. Even though people may think it's a great contrast to life in the classroom, she said a lot of people say nice things about her saucy shoots.

    "I get a lot of positive comments actually," she added. "People really love that even though I'm a teacher, it hasn't stopped me from doing what I love – inspiring others on my platform.

    "I really want to encourage people to express themselves without shame."

    As well as this, the job helps her out a lot financially. She said it pays "really well", so it's fulfilling to do the work.

    The model believes that women can do it all – from balancing a career to finding financial freedom. She continued: "I always believe that women can have it all if they want to. It's all a matter of choices.

    "I think you have to be brave and unafraid of challenges because they actually help you in life. You have to convert what others see as a weakness, and find a way to turn it into strength so they can't use it against you.

    "You can’t be ashamed of your differences – you have to be proud of them. I was bullied for being short and having a dark complexion."

    "I was told I could never be a model," she said. "Now, I'm working as a model, creating my own content and people love that I’m short and love my skin colour.

    "People will always judge you, but you don't need to please them. You have to please you."

    Venus is also really passionate about being an advocate for teachers, and she wants to be the "voice of every teacher" on her platform. She doesn't think people should be afraid to try something different beyond the "norm".

    She added: "How can you be special if you’re doing the same thing as everyone else? So, I’m a teacher, but I also choose to be a model. As long as I do my job well in the classroom, I have the right to live my life and enjoy it."

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