Inflatable Splash Pads for Dogs Are the Latest TikTok Trend, and We Found the Best Ones on Amazon

Summer will be here in a few weeks, and if you have a dog at home, then you know it's almost time to break out the kiddie pool. Instead of the traditional plastic or blow up pools, TikTok users are turning to inflatable splash pads for their pups to enjoy on hot summer days — and the summer item has officially gone viral. One video of a golden retriever playing in his dog pool has more than 500,000 likes, and hundreds of other TikTokers have followed suit. 

Many of the TikTok videos don't include a link to the exact products shown, but we've got you covered with our list of the best inflatable splash pads on Amazon. Not only are they super affordable, but they have thousands of five-star ratings to back them up. Keep reading to find the best one to make your pup happy.

The Best Inflatable Splash Pads on Amazon:

  • SplashEZ three-in-one Splash Pad; $19.99 (orig. $39.99)
  • Obuby Sprinkle & Splash Play Mat; $19.99
  • Qpau Splash Pad; $21.99
  • Banzai Sprinkle & Splash Play Mat; $15.48

If you're searching for the most budget-friendly option, the Banzai splash pad should be your top pick. It costs just $16 and has a 54-inch diameter that's great for small and medium sized dogs. One reviewer says her dog's nails didn't damage the pool, and several other shoppers rave about how much their dogs love the built-in sprinkler. They also suggest emptying and deflating the pool after each use so it can hang to dry and avoid mold or mildew. 

For large breeds or anyone with multiple dogs, you'll want to check outother three options Amazon has to offer. They range from 60–68 inches in diameter togive your pup plenty of room to lounge, run, and play. The SplashEZ three-in-one splash pad is the most highly rated option on this list, and it's currently 50 percent off. "I actually got this for my new puppy who has a crazy water obsession and she LOVES it," says one five-star reviewer. "Even with her biting it, she has not caused any damage to it, so it's very durable!"

Whether you're following the TikTok trend or seeing it here first, it's safe to say that blow-up pools are out and inflatable splash pads for dogs are in. For less than $21, you really can't go wrong with any of these top-rated Amazon options to help your pup cool off in the summer sun. 

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