‘Inspirational’ make-up artist lost cancer battle a week after marrying partner

An 'inspirational' make-up artist has lost her cancer battle just one week after marrying her partner.

Eimear Gooderham, 25, was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma aged just 22 before she and her family campaigned tirelessly to find a potential stem cell match.

Last September, Eimear, from Belfast, underwent surgery after successfully finding a match, but sadly after complications, she passed away on Wednesday – just a week after marrying her fiancé Philip.

Breaking the news on Eimear's Search page on Facebook a family member posted: "Our hearts are broken. We have never know such sorrow. Our beautiful Eimear has Passed away. RIP Little Dragonfly."

In an emotional appeal last year, Eimear's dad Sean Smyth who campaigned tirelessly for his daughter said they would do anything to  "put a good kick up cancer", reports Belfast Live .

He added: "We cannot understand how a perfectly healthy and extremely fit young girl can get sick like this out of the blue.

"Eimear had just graduated and was just 22 when she got ill. Doctors don't know who will get it and why.

"There is no history of cancer on either side of the family. We are in pieces but she is a fantastic young woman, strong as anything and with a great sense of humour.

"We will do anything to put a good kick up cancer."

Eimear herself had set herself a goal of getting married and she fulfilled that dream just a week ago when she wed her fiancé Phillip Gooderham.

She told Belfast Live last year: "Getting to the wedding is my big goal, I just need to find a donor match and get the transplant done first."

Tributes have been pouring in from across the country following her passing with many reflecting on the legacy she has left in her short life.

Belfast Marrow group who campaign to raise awareness for stem cell donors posted: "We are so, so sorry to hear that Eimear Gooderham has passed away. She put up such a fight against unimaginably tough circumstances.

"She has left such a legacy. On top of all the other incredible things that she achieved in her life, Eimear inspired hundreds of potential lifesavers to join the stem cell register – a legacy that will continue for many, many years to come.

"We send our sincerest thoughts to Eimear's family, her husband Philip, and all her friends and relatives. During her illness, we got to know her father Seán, who has campaigned tirelessly to help both Eimear and others who are facing blood cancer. He showed an incredible amount of love for his daughter, as did the rest of her family.

"We thank Seán for his courage and passion, and we will be thinking of all the Smyth family in the days and months ahead."

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