Irate man posts picture of neighbour blocking road while concrete dries

An angry resident has slammed their selfish neighbour for barricading a small public access road to allow the concrete on their driveway to dry. The parking antics stirred uproar online after a photo of the incident was published by an infuriated local who could not drive down their “one-lane road”.

The picture, posted to the Mildly Infuriating forum on Reddit, shows the car parked on a narrow street while an empty driveway at its left is cordoned off. Attached to the bonnet of a car is a message that reads: “Concrete drying for 24 hours. The road will be open tomorrow. Thank you.”

Another message hanging from the yellow barricade tape clearly instructs passersby not to drive on the concrete. Infuriated by the incident, Reddit published the picture with the message: “Our neighbour’ solution to a newly poured driveway on a one-lane road.”

Many in the comments pointed out that the homeowner was most likely the proprietor of the land and practicing his legal right to park his vehicle on the one-way street.

The vast majority of partakers in the forum, however, argued that the parking tactic was outright illegal, and advised the poster to call a tow truck.

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One person wrote: “I would actually call the tow truck, f*** that dude.”

“I can’t stop laughing at the neighbour staring at you throughout the door,” wrote another Redditor, pointing attention to the figure peering out the window in the background.

“Well I assume that’s because [original poster] has been laying on the horn for the past three minutes.” another responded.

Vehicle disputes are a common cause for neighbourly feuds, with selfish parking antics a common theme in Reddit forums.

Most nuisance parking incidents can be solved through polite conversation, but vehicles abandoned on streets is generally a matter for the police.

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