Jay Blades' new wife helps her husband read and write

Meet Mrs Repair Shop! Jay Blades’ new wife fitness guru Lisa Zbozen, 42, admits it was love at first sight with the BBC presenter whom she helps read and write

  • Lisa Zbozen wrote on Instagram that she knew Jay was the one on first meeting
  • The 42-year-old is Jay’s second wife after he split from Jade in 2015 
  • The loved-up couple rarely share details about their relationship in public

Jay Blades has revealed his joy after he tied the knot with his fiancée Lisa Zbozen in a stunning Barbados ceremony last month.

The Repair Shop presenter, 52, gave fans an inside look at his destination wedding in this week’s Hello! Magazine as he and Lisa (also called Lisa-Marie), celebrated their nuptials on November 22.

Speaking about their intimate ceremony of just 15 guests, Lisa told the magazine: ‘Once you get to a certain age, you realise what’s actually important on the day – and that is having the people around you that love you for who you are. So we made the day our day.’

Lisa Zbozen, 42 (pictured) is a fitness guru who runs a personal training programme. She has been engaged to The Repair Shop’s Jay Blades since December 2021 and the pair tied the knot last month in an intimate ceremony of 15 people in Barbados

Lisa, 42, is a determined personal trainer with decades of experience in her field – and a set of rock hard abs to boot.

The trainer posts tough, high-intensity workouts on Instagram almost every day which show her lifting kettlebells, lunging and squatting. 

She runs on-demand fitness app The Wkout, which offers programmes for fat burning, strength training and yoga.

Jay Blades, 52, and Lisa Zbozen, 42, tied the knot in Barbados last month and the couple shared their special day with Hello! 

Jay and Lisa (pictured at Royal Ascot in June this year) rarely reveal details about their relationship in public, but in any posts they do share, they appear to be incredibly loved-up

A biography of Lisa on The Wkout’s website describes her determination as ‘no joke’.

It reads: ‘Lisa brings the FIRE every-time. Lisa’s workouts are dynamic, powerful & no two workouts are the same.’

The fitness company also describes itself as: ‘No Fad Diets, No Gimmicks & No Excuses. Just hard work & sweat.’

On her Instagram profile Lisa shares her approach to fitness with her followers, proving she’s a fan hard work, but also encourages people to be themselves.

In a recent post in which she posed in a chic summer dress, she said: ‘You just have to show up, as you are, despite all the objections and insecurities of your mind, despite each and ever fear that threatens to hold you back, despite the limitations and criticisms others will place on you.’

The relatively private couple also gave fans a glimpse into their relationship earlier this year when Jay revealed he didn’t learn to read or write in childhood.

Appearing on BBC documentary Jay Blades: Learning to Read at 51, the couple were filmed going over words for the presenter to spell out as practise.

Jay, who has revealed he received a late dyslexia diagnosis at the age of 31, asks for his other half’s help spelling the word ‘tree’ during the programme.

As she is filmed helping him, Jay says: ‘I’ve mainly got by from the help from those around me, people like Lisa.’

Lisa is usually spotted wearing workout gear – but she swapped her sports bra and leggings for a classic, classy bridal gown from Birmingham-based store Romantic Dreams Bridal.

Lisa (pictured after a workout) motivates her clients and followers on Instagram with a tough yet encouraging approach

The Repair shop presenter Jay took to Instagram to announced he’d proposed to his girlfriend Lisa with a ring specially designed by his co-star and goldsmith Richard Talman

Although Lisa’s Instagram account is typically filled with fitness and motivational content, she often pauses her workout material to pay tribute to her love, Jay.

In May, the influencer posted a mirror selfie of the couple all dressed up as he looked dapper in a tuxedo while she wore a belted white shirt dress and black heels.

Looking glamorous and ready to party in the outfit, Lisa joked: ‘I’ve got my flip flops in my bag’ in the photo caption.

On Valentine’s Day this year she posted a headshot of the presenter, writing: ‘Dear Universe, Thank You.’ She added the hashtag #sohandsome.

After the pair got engaged last December, she posted a sweet selfie of herself and Jay while he kissed her forehead, thanking loved ones for their messages of support.

Lisa wrote: ‘I’m very lucky & grateful for everything I have.’

In another post from Royal Ascot in June this year, after the couple were engaged, Lisa shared another selfie of herself with Jay dressed in their finery and wrote: ‘The very first time I met him, I said: ‘I’m going to marry that man.’

Appearing to speak directly to Jay, she added: ‘Thank you for challenging me to be better every day. 

‘I’m not perfect by a long way, but working together, we make it as perfect as it could be. I love you completely.’

During the ceremony, the couple exchanged bespoke wedding rings which had been created by The Repair Shop’s Richard Talman – which Lisa said was one of her favourite touches.

She said the rings, inspired by the Egyptian imperfect circle and containing each person’s birthstone, meant more to her because they had been designed and made with ‘care and ‘love’. 

Although their ceremony was small and intimate, the couple revealed they plan to celebrate in a larger gathering with family and friends some time in 2023.

Jay’s wedding is his second following his marriage to ex-wife Jade, and the former couple share 15-year-old daughter Zola together, before splitting in 2015. 

Following her dream wedding, Lisa has already changed her name on her personal Instagram account to read ‘Lisa “Tiny” Blades’ – reflecting her married surname and her nickname.

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