Jessica Alves fears she’ll die during weight loss op to remove 75% of stomach

The former Human Ken Doll fears she'll die during a procedure to remove 75% of her stomach.

Jessica Alves will undergo a gastric sleeve operation after doctors labelled her obese when she gained weight during lockdown.

The 37-year-old is due to go for the operation at Turkey's Mono Obesity Clinic but admitted she was petrified about the procedure.

She admitted her weight gain, following her recent sex reassignment surgery had left her "suffering with her confidence".

Previously Jessica admitted she had been unable to shed the weight she gained during the pandemic.

The reality star said the hormones she had been taking also contributed to her weight gain.

Speaking to MailOnline, Jessica said: "This is more complex and health related.

"They're cutting my stomach and I'll be left with just 25% of my stomach. Hopefully after that I will start losing weight.

"I did all the exams and my health is good they check everything – heart, breathing and blood tests.

"The doctor has performed like 3,000 gastric sleeves."

  • Jessica Alves 'ready to have sex for first time as a woman' after £75k surgery

Jessica revealed how the hormone therapy had increased her appetite and slowed down her metabolism.

She continued: "Obviously I'm scared about the surgery because it's not plastic or cosmetic surgery like others I have done."

Just last month, the reality star revealed she was "ready to have sex for the first time" as a woman after her £75,000 surgery.

She said she isn't fussy either, saying he "doesn't need to be good looking or Prince Charming".

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In total, Jessica spent £725,000 transforming every inch of her body since she was 17.

Three months on from her gender reassignment surgery, the Brazilian, who lives in London, claims she's ready to get physical.

Jessica told The Sun: "It will be a different experience so I want it to be special.

"If I don't find the right person I will continue being a virgin, I won't go to a bar to meet a guy and bring him home."

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