Jessica Simpson divides fans with no-makeup Instagram photo

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Jessica Simpson doesn’t need a full face of glam to make a splash.

The “Open Book” author, 40, gave fans a close-up look at her glowing complexion on Thursday, sharing a no-makeup selfie on Instagram with the caption, “Sunny kinda mornin.’”

Plenty of fans gushed over Simpson’s barefaced beauty in the comments. “You look so young and healthy and fresh faced!” one exclaimed, while another wrote, “Thank you for being so real!!! Still gorgeous without all the makeup!”

But others suggested that the singer’s ageless look might’ve been the result of Botox and fillers — or even plastic surgery.

“Not natural unfortunately.. but each to their own,” one person commented. Asked another, “What did you do to your face??”

Simpson has been vocal about her past negative experiences with cosmetic procedures. In a 2006 interview with Glamour, she spoke out about trying lip-plumping injectables in the past.

“I had that Restylane stuff. But it fades — it went away in like four months,” she said. “My lips are back to what they were. Thank God! It looked fake to me. I didn’t like that.”

And in her bestselling 2020 memoir, she spoke candidly of the two tummy tucks she underwent in 2015, despite her doctor’s warning that she “could die.” The latter surgery left her hospitalized for nine days with a horrific infection.

“I can tell you that plastic surgery does not cure what’s inside,” Simpson wrote. “Really, it’s about how you feel emotionally, and I was still just as hard on myself once those stitches were out. I still had work to do.”

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