Journalist Nicky Woolf Investigates Modern Medical Mystery in ‘The Sound: Mystery of Havana Syndrome’ (Podcast News Roundup)


Project Brazen and PRX released their new podcast, “The Sound: Mystery of Havana Syndrome Podcast” with international journalist, Nicky Woolf, on Jan. 23. The eight part investigative narrative podcast will peek behind the curtain, and uncover the unsettling global medical mystery affecting American diplomats and spies. “The Sound” will transport listeners to Havana, Cuba in December 2016, when a U.S. official went to the embassy medical center with a debilitating illness, that would later impact dozens of U.S. and Canadian diplomats. Audiences will listen as Woolf discovers various theories and learn how U.S. agencies neglected to try to uncover the cause of the modern medical mystery. The podcast is a collaboration between Woolf, Project Brazen and PRX.

Lava for Good Podcasts premiered its first season of its latest podcast, “The War on Drugs,” on Wednesday, Jan. 25 — kicking off with the release of the first two episodes. The new podcast, hosted by Clayton English and Greg Glod, will feature 10 episodes examining the true cost of the failed “War on Drugs.” The first episode features English and Glod with guest Johann Hari, to discuss how the head of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, Harry Anslinger became the “mastermind” behind the War on Drugs. The premiere season will also include diverse subject matter experts who will unveil how the War on Drugs exacerbated addiction, fueled over-incarceration and interfered with economic progress. Produced and directed by C13 Originals and Jon Meacham’s Shining City Audio podcast studio.

Cadence13 has teamed up with investigative filmmaker Jeremy Corbell and investigative journalist George Knapp to launch the “Weaponized” podcast. “Weaponized” premiered on Jan. 24 — available everywhere podcasts are available, and on Corbell’s YouTube channel. The new series will release new episodes on Tuesdays, and each week the hosts will discuss UFOs, the paranormal, cutting-edge science, conspiracies and cover-ups. The weekly series will feature government whistleblowers, spies, scientists, celebrities and military officials. The premiere season will break news, share never-before-seen footage, unveil previously-suppressed documents, original recordings, and hard evidence related to this phenomenon. Produced by Corbell, Knapp, Cadence13 Studios and Dark Horse Entertainment.

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